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Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, cosy nights in on the sofa… there are so many occasions in life that involve alcohol. At Slimming World, you absolutely can still have a drink, live your life and slim down. Read on for news of a brand-new video that’s packed with tipple tactics.

How does drinking affect weight?

As well as the high calories in alcohol (which don’t fill us up like the ones in food do), you might have heard of the ‘tipping point’. It’s the stage at which our drinking tips us into having more drinks (and food) than we intended. 

Slimming World research revealed that, after we reach the tipping point, we end up (on average) consuming an extra 6,300 calories over the following two days, and cancelling any physical activity plans. The result is we then have an uphill struggle to lose weight.

How do we manage the tipping point?

When you join Slimming World, you’ll discover strategies to help you enjoy a drink and stay 100% on track – without missing out on any of the fun. 

You’ll find ways to: 

🍹 make a plan before you have a drink 

🍷  choose smart swaps  

🍺 make drinks last longer  

🍸 get your friends and family on side  

And – new for members – you’ll have access to a must-see video that shows you how to include alcohol in your life in a way that works for you and your weight loss. Press play below for an exclusive preview of our latest video: 

Unlock our full package of weight loss support 

If you’re a Slimming World member, you can watch the full video – and discover more advice for managing your alcohol intake alongside your weight loss – on our app and website.

Yes you can with Slimming World

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