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In a recent survey*, 53% of UK adults said that just one setback can derail them from their weight loss goals, leading to almost one in five giving up on them altogether. 

Almost a third of those questioned said that when they’ve experienced a setback, it took them more than a month to find the motivation to get back on track with their weight loss journey. 

This is where losing weight with Slimming World can make a huge difference: 82% of Slimming World members feel more capable of dealing with setbacks than they did before joining; while 72% said that they were less likely to experience setbacks at all, due to the flexibility and support the plan provides. 

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What is a setback? 

Everyone will have different danger zones and triggers that can result in a setback, which is why Slimming World is tailored to suit your lifestyle and individual needs. The most common setbacks among the 2,003 UK adults surveyed are caused by:  

  • having unhealthy snacks in the house (41%) 
  • feeling hungry (38%)   
  • a stressful life event (29%)  
  • missing out on favourite foods (25%)  
  • not planning healthy meals (23%) 
  • Saturday night takeaways (21%) 
  • cakes and pastries when buying a coffee (20%)  
  • fast food after a night out drinking (18%) 

And 38% say the prime time for temptation is between 6pm and 10pm. 

How to handle setbacks for long-term slimming success 

At Slimming World, you’ll learn personal strategies to help you change your mindset around weight loss. With our flexible healthy eating plan, you’ll never feel hungry or deprived – and, whether you decide to join a Slimming World group or our digital Slimming World Online service, you’ll be fully supported to understand yourself as a slimmer, overcome your individual challenges and continue on your journey… all the way to your weight loss goals. 

Lydia Collins before and after

Lydia Collins, 38, lost 7st after learning how to navigate setbacks in her Slimming World group. She says: 

“I’d been trying to lose weight since my late teens, but nothing worked. There were so many things that could make me lose motivation – then I’d find it impossible to get back on track again.  

Joining Slimming World really helped me to understand my personal ‘danger zones’ and how, for me, planning was key to stop me from getting derailed and feeling hopeless. Now, if I have setback, I’ve got the strategies and support I need to stop me slipping back into old habits.” 

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Dr Amanda Avery, Slimming World’s health and research consultant dietitian, says: 

“Setbacks on a weight loss journey are to be expected, and the most important thing is to be kind to yourself when they do happen. 

It’s good to have some personal strategies for dealing with potential setbacks or, even better, to try to minimise the risk of them occurring. Slimming World members are encouraged to use techniques including visualisation and planning to build motivation, self-belief and commitment.  

By equipping our group and online members with the tools to build their resilience and be more self-compassionate, as well as sharing practical real-life strategies, Slimming World helps members feel empowered to overcome obstacles and stick with their weight loss plans.” 

Professor James Stubbs, appetite & energy balance, University of Leeds, agrees:  

“For anyone looking to lose weight, it’s important to remember that this is not a quick fix, it’s a gradual process.  

Behaviour change plays a key role and there will be days when things don’t go so well, which is perfectly natural – that’s when being prepared with plans, tools and coping strategies can really help. 

Learning how to navigate setbacks is what helps people develop the skills needed for lasting behaviour change. Even people who are highly successful at losing weight and keeping it off have setbacks and revisit some of the strategies they used to lose weight initially.’ 

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*The research was conducted by Censuswide, among samples of 2,003 nationally representative UK general consumers along with a self-selecting sample of 1,748 Slimming World members. 

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