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Research just published* shows that support to build healthy habits is the key to weight loss that lasts forever – and that’s exactly what Slimming World is all about!  

The findings reveal that after receiving support and advice to make mindset and behaviour changes, three quarters of Slimming World members weighed less, three years after joining, which means the secret to losing weight and staying slim doesn’t lie in weight loss surgery or jabs – the answer is to receive expert advice and support.  

Here’s why so many of our members stay slim for life… 

  • Almost all respondents said that they were cooking more meals using fresh ingredients 
  • Half of current members and a third of those no longer attending had reduced their alcohol intake  
  • Nearly all surveyed said they were eating more fruit and vegetables and had switched to lower fat or fat-free dairy products since joining Slimming World – and three quarters of those no longer attending had made these same changes  
  • Over half of slimmers in the study reported that their whole household made positive changes to what they ate and around a third of their families had become more active 
  • These lasting habits all add up to a healthier lifestyle and a weight loss that’s sustainable long-term – even if you’re no longer a member of Slimming World. 

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Meet the Slimming World member

Slimming World diamond member Alice Ingham before and after

Alice Ingman lost 8st 8lbs with Slimming World, and has kept it off for five years and counting! She says:

“My weight was really impacting on my health, and when I found myself struggling to fit into size 20 clothes, I knew I needed to find a way to lose weight that I could stick to.

All of the fad diets work in the short term, but overly restricting myself wasn’t for me as I always ended up regaining the weight. This time I wanted to make a change for good. That’s what appealed about Slimming World, I’d heard that you could still eat real food and the idea of a group setting really appealed to me.

I lost the weight steadily which I think really helped. I also began to exercise for the first time ever, which I am sure has contributed to how easy I have found maintaining my weight.

After losing 8st 8lbs, clothes shopping is one of my favourite hobbies! Feeling great in my clothes is amazing yet for me my health is the biggest gift of all. I’m fitter, happier and healthier – and this time it’s for life.”

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Meet the Slimming World expert 

Dr Amanda Avery is a Health and Research Consultant Dietitian at Slimming World. She says… 

“At a time when we’re bombarded with ways to lose weight, it can be confusing to know which approach will truly work for you. This research shows that to lose weight and keep it off, how important it is to make healthy lifestyle changes. As no two slimmers are the same, it’s the expertise and support members receive at their local Slimming World group which helps them to understand what those changes mean for them.  

We all have different trigger foods, different danger areas and different self-sabotage techniques. Our members are supported to identify their personal challenges and tailor a plan that works for their own individual needs and can be adapted for different times and circumstances. Our aim has always been to support members to lose weight and achieve sustainable healthy habits that work in the long-term helping them to lead healthier and happier lives, for life.” 

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Find your slimming support network 

Whether you’re new to Slimming World or you’re rejoining after some time away, we’re ready and waiting to welcome you with everything you need to get the long-term weight loss you want, including… 

  • a flexible, easy to follow Food Optimising plan that works for every lifestyle 
  • personalised Consultant-led support in your weekly Slimming World group 
  • our unique physical activity programme, Body Magic 
  • more than 2,000 authentic Slimming World recipes 
  • members-only website with weight loss tools, stories and strategies  
  • top-rated members-only support app, with barcode scanner 

*Published in Clinical Nutrition Open Science:  

In the study of 356 adults, the weight of both current and past members was measured two and a half to three years after joining – with all respondents weighing less than when they joined Slimming World. Those who completed the survey were, on average, 7% lighter compared to when they joined Slimming World. Those still attending Slimming World were, on average, 9.6% lighter, maintaining an average loss of 21lbs and a reduction in BMI of 3.4kg/m2. Those no longer attending had maintained a loss of 4.4% (8.5lbs) and a BMI reduction of 1.5kg/m2. 

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