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It’s not just our generous eating plan or unique support that sets us apart – our ethos and values mean you can trust us to put heart and soul into making your weight loss dreams come true. Slimming World founder, Margaret Miles-Bramwell OBE, shares a heartfelt letter about our special Slimming World promise to you… 

“You probably already know certain things about Slimming World. Even if you’ve only dabbled at some point, you will know that our Food Optimising system has been developed and backed by science, logic and a deep understanding of the forces that drive us to overeating and an unhealthy, excess weight. With that knowledge and understanding came a solution – how to reduce that excess weight in the most pain-free and easy way possible, and make those changes so simple and accessible, they stay with you for life.  

What you will most certainly have realised is that you need never ever go hungry when you’re Food Optimising and you will lose weight. That is guaranteed, 100 per cent. Food Optimising has effectively never changed since those early days in 1969, apart from minor adjustments to accommodate the latest, scientifically proven, nutritional evidence, or to adopt any new ways to improve your ease and comfort without jeopardising the amazing weight loss results.  

Food Optimising is the envy of the weight loss industry, and we are, quite rightly, extremely proud of it. Yes, Slimming World gives you a money-back guarantee if you don’t lose weight in your first four weeks, which I think is rather daring and extremely generous! We believe trust goes both ways. You trust us to deliver the best help on the planet. We trust you to tell us if you’ve followed Food Optimising fully.  

Our promise – our values, our ethos and our essence since 1969 – has never changed and, I promise, never will. It was, and still is, unconventional and ground-breaking where others lag years behind. Stay with us and feel all of what we offer, and we promise, you will reap rich rewards for each tiny, sustainable move forward that will be introduced to you. 

Feel the warmth of our psychology. This is the quality, the light, that Slimming World can shine into your life. And to the tens of thousands of you we have helped to achieve your dreams, you may have noticed how we enrich, nurture and include. You may have felt the warmth of our acceptance, support and empathy and come to fully appreciate just how real and powerful is Food Optimising’s sustainability and generosity. It’s just one of the many ways we show you our love and compassion. So anytime, all of the time, come join us, or come rejoin us, and let us always be exactly what we want to be, the wind beneath your wings.” 

At Slimming World, we promise to always be… 

the Slimming World promise text
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