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We know that being at the beginning of your weight loss journey – or starting again after a setback – can feel daunting, so you’ll always find the warmest of welcomes at Slimming World.  

As a new member, you’ll get everything you need to achieve the weight loss you want – from week one! Our unique combination of a fully flexible, no-hunger eating plan, our empowering step-by-step activity programme and personalised support in group has helped millions of people to lose weight and stay slim for life. Let’s make 2024 the year you lose weight while living the life you want and eating the food you love with Slimming World! 

Simple strategies to get you off to a flying fresh start 

Seek out support 

Building your own slimming squad is a fantastic first step towards making your weight loss dreams a reality. Letting your trusted friends and family be part of your journey will make it easier to stick to healthy new habits. And Slimming World members have a ready-made support network in their group. Regularly meeting with like-minded slimmers, all striving towards the same goal, will help you to make those lasting lifestyle changes – celebrating every success and, most importantly, supporting you through any struggles with practical help and understanding.  

Read our research into the power of slimming with a Slimming World group here.

Slimming World member Sophie Ratcliffe before and after transformation

Sophie discovered that the key to achieving her weight loss goals was sharing them with others in her Slimming World group. Read her story here.

Set a target

When you join Slimming World, you may have a ‘dream weight’ in mind. Don’t be afraid to set this as your target – we’ll help you get there!

If you’re not sure what your dream target is, setting an interim target is a great way to get going. Talk to your Consultant about what feels right for you.

How incredible does our target member Lorraine look after losing more than 10st?!

Slimming World member Lorraine before and after transformation

A Slimming World study of 24,457 members found that those who set ambitious goals lose almost twice as much weight in 12 months than those who try to be ‘realistic’.* 

Get snap happy

Looking back on photos of yourself from before you started your weight loss journey can be a fantastic motivator. Not only will it help you realise how far you’ve come, it can also spur you on towards your target.

Slimming World member Britney before and after transformation

Britt has lost 4st 7lbs with Slimming World, and can see an amazing difference when she looks back at photos from the past few Christmases. She says: 

“As you can see, I’ve changed a lot! My weight was getting me down so much and affecting me in many ways: I’d lost myself and mentally I was struggling to cope, I didn’t want to go out, I was tired and emotionally drained… Never would I have thought back in 2018 – feeling the way that I did – that I’d be here 4st 7lbs down, feeling amazing!’’ 

Hit the ground running

Getting a great week-one weight loss can really set you up for long-term success on the scales, according to one of our largest-ever studies. At your first Slimming World session, your Consultant will fully explain the plan in your new member talk, a chat that is packed with information and motivation to help you get off to the strongest possible start. 

Emma Boyce weight loss transformation-Emma Boyce success story-slimming world blog

Slimming World member Emma definitely harnessed the power of a fantastic first week – going on to lose over 17st! She says:

“I lost 7lbs in my first week! I felt so pleased, and yet I couldn’t quite believe it… I was still eating potatoes and pasta, but by making a few simple, healthier changes, I’d seen dramatic results. That first week gave me the confidence that I could actually do it this time. I had a big change in my mindset from that day forward.”

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Dive into your Food Optimising book

Slimming World member pack-set of three books and a phone screen showing the Slimming World app

All new Slimming World members also receive a pack containing everything they need for a successful start. And this year, the new member pack is extra special because it’s had a gorgeous makeover for 2024! In this pack, you’ll find your guide to Food Optimising. We recommend settling down with a cuppa for a good read through – and don’t be shy about getting your pens and highlighters out! 

Draw a line

It’s normal to experience some slip-ups on a slimming journey, so it’s important not to dwell on them. There’s absolutely no judgement at Slimming World. If you haven’t had the week that you wanted, we’re armed with practical tools and support to help you get back on track.

Transformation - Strong slimming start

Our member Grace has lost more than 12st with Slimming World. She says: “My life changed so much for the better by walking through those doors. My smiles are real now, and I couldn’t be happier!” Read Grace’s story here.

Believe in yourself

The amazing thing about a Slimming World group is that, if your self-belief does wobble, you’re surrounded by people who believe in you and who will encourage you to keep going.

Peter transformation - strong slimming start

Peter has lost an astounding 10st 5lbs in one year – with his group supporting him all the way. 

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