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Are ‘picky bits’ an essential part of your Christmas? Maybe you love to lay on some nibbles for Christmas Eve movie night? Or for a laid-back Boxing Day tea? This gorgeous grazing board is a great way to enjoy your favourite Food Optimising-friendly snacks. It also makes a stunning centrepiece, so that’s the New Year’s Eve do sorted, too! 

We’ve piled our platter high with Free Foods, including fruit, lean cooked meats, tomatoes and pickles (with no worries about weighing or counting) – plus measured Healthy Extra cheeses, nuts and crispbreads. Of course, you can adapt your charcuterie to suit you and your guests – and even create vegetarian and vegan versions. Slimming World members can easily check Syn values using the Food Search or barcode scanner tools on the app and website.

Slimming World charcuterie wreath recipe 

serves 6 
8 Syns per serving 
ready in 20 mins 

Tip: You can reduce the Syns per serving by having some of the nuts or crispbreads and the cheeses as Healthy Extra choices. 

What you need: 

2 satsumas  
1 large bunch of red seedless grapes  
4 figs, quartered  
4 redcurrant sprigs  
large handful of cherry tomatoes on the vine  
100g cocktail pickled onions  
100g cornichons  
4 slices pastrami, visible fat removed, rolled up  
4 slices lean ham, visible fat removed, rolled up  
40 pistachios, shelled  
11 pecan halves  
50g mozzarella pearls  
40g reduced-fat Cheddar, sliced and cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter  
35g Danish blue cheese, cut into thin wedges  
4 Ryvita Sesame Crispbreads  
3 Finn Crisp Original Round Crispbreads  
16 green olives in brine from a jar  
fresh rosemary sprigs, to serve  

What you do: 

1. Simply grab a circular serving platter or fancy chopping board, then arrange all the ingredients in an attractive circle using our photo as a guide and serve! 

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