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Ho-ho-holy moly, party season is officially in full sparkly swing. There’s snow reason for any Slimming World member to ever turn down a party invite. Follow this Slimming World party food plan and you can rock around the Christmas tree with family and friends – and still feel your festive best when Big Ben starts to bong.

Your Slimming World party food plan

December can be a party pooper-free zone when you have a plan up your sleeve (scroll for our favourite recipes)…

Fill up first

A filling pre-party meal will stop you from arriving hungry – so you can pick the bits of the buffet that you’ll really enjoy.

Be a dinner detective

Restaurants definitely don’t have to be a no-go zone for Slimming World members. Seeing the menu in advance will help you to plan, and you’ll also have a handy online Food Search tool at your fingertips.

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Mix up the menu

Making simple swaps can transform a dine-out dinner or party plate into a slimming success. Little things like skipping extra butter and getting sauce on the side (so you stay in control!) can make a big difference. 

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Bring your own

House party invite? No one wants to arrive empty-handed, so you could volunteer bring a healthier party food option – or an on-plan treat – that you’ll love to eat.

Make Slimming World chocolate truffles

Party at yours

Becoming the party planner means you can pick and choose exactly what’s on the menu.

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Slimming World party food ideas

Throwing a bash at home will keep the bauble firmly in your court – and earn you brownie points with your guests. Get your party started with these Slimming World party food favourites…

Christmas charcuterie wreath

Slimming World charcuterie wreath

This festively themed grazing board, piled high with Free Foods and Healthy Extras, is an on-trend way to wow your guests – whether they’re Food Optimising or not!

Veggie pastry wreath

Slimming World veggie pastry wreath

Packed with roasted squash, sweet potato and melted goat’s cheese, this pastry wreath tastes as spectacular as it looks.

Sage and apple filo sausage rolls

Slimming World sausage rolls

We think these nibbles are magic – serve them up and watch them disappear!

Brie and cranberry bites

Slimming World brie and cranberry bites

These are perfect for your Christmas Day starter, Boxing Day buffet or Hogmanay canapés!

Fruity Christmas tree

Slimming World fruit Christmas tree

Add wow-factor to your table with this tree-rifically tasty display.

serves 8
ready in 25 mins

What you need:

3 kiwi fruit, sliced
600g strawberries, stalks removed
300g each of red and white seedless grapes
1 orange-fleshed melon, peeled, deseeded and cut into bite-sized chunks
1 carrot
1 apple

What you do:

1. To make the Christmas tree first you have to cut a slice from the bottom of an apple so that it sits flat. Then put it on a flat surface and fix a carrot on its top. For this you can use wooden skewers or cocktail sticks to secure it in place. After that put cocktail sticks in the apple and carrot, just like branches of a tree.

2. To assemble, attach the chopped fruit to the cocktail sticks, covering the apple and carrot completely. Finish with a star-shaped melon piece on top.

Mulled wine

Slimming World mulled wine

Pour a warming glass and toast the most wine-derful time of the year. If spicy mulled wine isn’t your thing, we’ve got lots more ideas for a sparkling, slim-tastic Christmas.

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Strawberry Santas

Slimming World strawberry santas

Add some ‘ho ho ho’ to your house party with these super-sweet little Strawberry Santas. They’re so easy that you could enlist some eager Santa’s helpers to make them while you get on with other party prep.

Mulled wine and pomegranate pavlova wreath

slimming world mulled wine pavlova wreath

A showstopping dessert that looks almost too good to eat. Almost…

Chocolate yule log

Slimming World Yule log

Roll up, roll up… a chocolate Yule log is a Christmas classic.

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’Tis the season to feel supported 

At Slimming World we know that party season can feel like a slippery slope, especially if we’re dreaming of a slimmer 2024. This is why we surround our group and online members with support – and pack our websites with tips, tools and really good reads to keep you on track through even the trickiest times.

Slimming World members also get access to a huge collection of recipes, with lots of ideas for every special occasion. With more than 2,000 recipes online, and lots more being shared in group and the Slimming World Online Community, you’ll never be stuck for what to cook.

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