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With household bills rising, we were keen to understand the link between increased costs and healthy living. We surveyed 2,000 UK adults who aren’t Slimming World members* – here’s what we found: 

  • half of UK adults (51%) say spiralling costs have made it harder to make healthy food choices 
  • more than a fifth (23%) say they weigh more now compared to a year ago, and of these, nearly two in three (58%) believe the financial crisis has contributed to their weight gain 
  • one in three say they prioritise the cost of food over how healthy it is (31%) 
  • of those who’ve gained weight, 38% feel it’s because of comfort eating or eating more convenience food; 36% feel they’ve put on weight due to having to buy cheaper, less nutritious food, and 31% say they’re less motivated to eat healthily because of the cost of living crisis 

We also surveyed 2,000 Slimming World members** – and the good news is, 83% agree it’s possible to lose weight on a budget.  

Dr Jacquie Lavin, special advisor on the science of weight management at Slimming World, says: ‘The survey shows that being supported and getting advice about healthy eating is so important when it comes to losing weight on a budget. In fact, since joining Slimming World, 90% of members now feel more in control when it comes to their food choices.’ 

How Slimming World helps 

We’re determined that your budget shouldn’t be a barrier to eating healthily and getting the weight loss you want. There’s a real focus on low-cost living in our groups and in our Slimming World Online Community right now, with members sharing cost-cutting cooking hacks and their best bargain buys. Our members have access to lots of help on our app and website, too, including low-cost recipes and money-saving advice. 

Our survey of Slimming World members reveals that… 

  • knowing they aren’t alone and getting support from others helps a third of Slimming World members (33%) to spend less 
  • more than two-thirds (69%) have received batch-cooking suggestions from their fellow slimmers 
  • 55% have had advice about bulking out meals with cheaper ingredients, such as vegetables and lentils, and 52% have been given low-cost recipe ideas 
  • nearly half (47%) say planning meals has helped them to save money since they became members 
  • cooking from scratch is key to saving money for almost half (47%), and for 39%, switching to energy-saving appliances like an air fryer or a microwave has made a difference  
  • for 28%, freezing leftovers rather than wasting food help to cut food bills  

Jacquie Lavin adds: ‘Getting practical advice and tangible tried-and-tested tips from fellow slimmers on the same journey can be especially valuable when you’re finding it more difficult to eat healthily and lose weight. Being part of a group where you’re facing the same challenges together and helping each other to stay motivated makes a real difference. It’s even better when this support is in a warm, friendly community, particularly during such difficult times.’  

Kerri’s story

Mum Kerri Hayes, from Walthamstow, east London, has lost 11st and saved £100 a month on food since joining Slimming World. 

Slimming World member Kerri Hayes

“When I joined, I weighed more than 22st. I’d recently been hospitalised with Covid, which was a real wake-up call, and I was determined to lose weight and get my health back. Being a single mum and a teacher, I was worried that eating healthily might cost more – but it really hasn’t. In fact, I’ve saved around £100 a month on my food bills, as I’m not buying ready meals and takeaways any more. If I think back to how I used to eat, I wasn’t cooking… I was just putting convenience food in the microwave. Now, I make healthy versions of all my favourite foods, and because they’re nutritious and filling, I’m never hungry. I’m even using up all the vegetables in my fridge, which would usually have gone to waste before!” 

Read Kerri’s full story here 

Save and slim with Slimming World  

We’re here to help you shop, cook and eat in a way that suits your lifestyle, and that includes working within your weekly budget. For more money-saving tips and our best low-cost recipes, head to your local Slimming World group or join Slimming World Online.  

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*Data relates to a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK adults surveyed between 3rd-6th March 2023. 

**A self-selecting sample of 2,000 Slimming World members were polled via Slimming World’s member website between 3rd-6th March 2023. 

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