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Welcome to The Great British Bake Off… In our house, those words mean it’s time to settle down with a cuppa and something sweet, to see what’s in store for the contestants that week. I love cooking and baking for my family, and just like those bakers in the famous white tent, I also like to challenge myself to whip up cakes, pudding and desserts – only I make them the Slimming World way! With a few simple swaps and a dash of creative thinking, I’ve made Food Optimising sponges, cookies, flans and mousses – and I enjoyed them even more knowing they wouldn’t damage my weight loss. 

I joined Slimming World in 2015, at my heaviest weight of 18st 3lbs. On that first night in group I remember being surprised that I could bake cakes and eat dessert every day, if I wanted to! By 2017 I’d lost 6st and, to celebrate, I posed for a new set of wedding photos, swapping my old size-16 dress for a new size-12. Slimming World has helped me to discover a brilliant balance of loving food and being a healthy weight!”

Donna’s delicious cakes and desserts

Two sponge cakes filled with cream and strawberries and blackberries

A simple sponge is hard to beat! Try this similar Slimming World recipe, (you can swap the strawberries for blackberries if you like).

Trifle topped with strawberry

This three-step trifle couldn’t be simpler! You can use ready-made reduced-fat custard or make your own Slimming World custard instead.

Crepes with blueberries and bananas

A pancake stack is perfect for breakfast or dessert. Swap caramel sauce for this two-step Slimming World chocolate sauce if you prefer.

Time for a cuppa and cake break? Pop your feet up and read Donna’s full weight-loss story here

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An extra slice? 

Have you been bitten by the baking bug? When you join Slimming World, you’ll get access to more than 1,800 recipes on our website and app, including a sweet sprinkling of Slimming World cakes, with sponges, loaf cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, biscuits, puddings, tarts, pies and more.  

Find out more about joining Slimming World here. 

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