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When we’re rushed off our feet, meal planning can be the first thing to go out the window. That’s why we created the Slimming World food range to help you eat well on your most hectic days. 

Now we’ve made serving up a crowd-pleasing meal even easier by adding two tasty tray bake dinners to the range. So whether you fancy spicy tandoori chicken or a satisfying sausage supper, these tray bakes make a great midweek meal or a ‘whack in the oven’ weekend dish. Oh, and they’re available for just £5 each until 31st January 2021 (normal price £6.50) – bonus!

Our head of food and publications (and tray bake taste tester!) Allison Brentnall tells us more…

“We know that lots of our members have multiple mouths to feed, and our new tray bakes are perfect for sharing! Whether you fancy a traditional sausage bake or plump for the spicy option with our tandoori chicken, you’ll get a filling meal for two that looks – and tastes! – just as good as a home-cooked version.

We’ve done all food prep for you, making these tray bakes a really easy, convenient option. They’re already packed with plenty of veg, so there’s no need to make any extra side dishes (unless you want to!) – simply pop the tray in the oven and get on with your life while it cooks. An hour later, hey presto, you’ve got a delicious dinner ready and waiting.

If you’ve got a family of four to feed – or you’re feeling extra hungry – you can bulk out these meals with green vegetables. My personal favourites are green beans and thin-stemmed broccoli.

As always, we’ve included the recipes for the tray bakes on the packaging, to give you the option of making them from home when you have more time. You’ll also find links to both of the tray bake recipes further down this post. 

I really hope you enjoy transforming your midweek meals with these tasty additions to the Slimming World food range!”

Tandoori chicken tray bake

tandoori chicken tray bake-try our tray bakes-slimming world blog

Tender chicken, gunpowder potatoes, vibrant red peppers and cherry tomatoes combine to make an easy dinner that’s full of fiery flavours.

Sausage tray bake

sausage tray bake-try our tray bakes-slimming world blog

Move over bangers and mash, this hearty dish is sure to become a new family favourite. With onion gravy, chunky vegetables and – hooray! – Syn free sausages, it’s the perfect warming meal for a chilly day.

Chicken hotpot also added to the Slimming World food range in January

It’s not just our tantalising tray bakes that are shaking up Iceland shelves this month – you can now enjoy a ready-made version of our chicken hotpot, and we’re sharing the recipe below so that you can make it at home, too.

Chicken hotpot

chicken hotpot-try our tray bakes-slimming world blog

When you’re craving comfort food, nothing beats a hearty hotpot. With pulled chicken, lentils and a medley of tender veggies in gravy, this satisfying dish is definitely top of the (hot)pots.

Transform your mealtimes with more Slimming World tray bakes

Slimming World members will find a stack of one-pan recipes on our exclusive members-only website. From piri-piri chicken to a cheap and easy butternut squash bake, our slimming-friendly recipes will take your tray bakes to the next level.

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