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A new year is the perfect time to kick-start your weight loss journey – and we’ve got a bumper batch of Slimming World dishes that’ll help you lose weight, save time in the kitchen and get you up to speed with our Food Optimising eating plan.

Plus, UK-based Slimming World members can currently get 10% off their whole shop and 3 Slimming World meals for £10 in Iceland stores.

With cockle-warming soups, comforting pasta bakes and two brand-new dishes that include a Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice of cheese, these tempting dinners will get your 2024 off to a flying, slimming start!

Where can I buy Slimming World meals?

The Slimming World food range is available exclusively in Iceland, The Food Warehouse and Dunnes Stores. 

You can find your nearest Iceland and Dunnes Stores here.

Free Slimming World recipe book. Find out more about this special offer.

What’s new in the Slimming World food range?

Cauliflower mac ’n’ cheese

Slimming World cauliflower mac 'n' cheese

A two-in-one classic – cauliflower cheese and macaroni cheese some together in a lip-smacking vegetarian bake.

Mac some noise: Give the cauliflower mac ’n’ cheese recipe a go

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Chicken carbonara

Slimming World chicken carbonara

We’ve sprinkled some fresh magic on the popular food range meal to make it even cheesier and tastier!

Give it a twirl: Make our chicken carbonara

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Chicken and ham hotpot

Slimming World chicken and ham hotpot

This cold-weather favourite is great served with roasted veg or your favourite greens.

Top of the pots: Get the chicken and ham hotpot recipe

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Chicken and mushroom ramen

Slimming World chicken and mushroom ramen

Super-satisfying and a complete meal in itself, so just grab a spoon and slurp away!

Brilliant broth: Make our chicken and mushroom ramen

Burger pasta lunch bowl

Slimming World burger pasta

The fab taste of a burger and the filling power of pasta – what a cracking combo!

Pasta la vista: Give our burger pasta lunch bowl recipe a go

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Chicken and mushroom risotto lunch bowl

Slimming World chicken and mushroom risotto

With smoky pork strips and spinach too, this is hot-lunch heaven.

Simmer down: Get our chicken and mushroom risotto lunch bowl recipe

What is the Slimming World food range?

Slimmers are most likely to go off track when time is tight. That’s why we created the Slimming World food range, so you’ll always have a tempting Food Optimising meal to tuck into if you’re too busy or tired to get creative in the kitchen.

And if you’re new to cooking from scratch, our food range will ease you into making simple, delicious slimming meals. You’ll find the recipe for each dish printed on the packaging, so you can make it yourself when you have the confidence and the time.

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