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Are you looking for personalised support on your weight loss journey? At Slimming World, you’ll be welcomed with care, understanding and absolutely no judgement. Join a friendly group or our digital service, Slimming World Online, and feel empowered to take control, build healthy habits and reach your dream weight in 2023. 

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Yes you can with Slimming World 

Find support 

New research shows that, while 57% of dieters have tried to slim in secret, 87% of those who joined a Slimming World group had more success – with the support and accountability they found there being key factors in their weight loss. Whatever slimming challenges you’re facing, we’re here to help you overcome any obstacles and celebrate your success. You’ll never feel alone on your journey with Slimming World. 

Our member Sophie Ratcliffe hid her slimming goals, trying all kinds of different diets that just didn’t work long-term. By joining a Slimming World group and sharing her story with other members, she found the support she needed to lose an incredible 11st – without ever feeling hungry. 
“After years of trying to lose weight in secret, it was the encouragement of group that kept me on track and lifted me up whenever I had a tough week. I was a size 26 and struggled to walk upstairs… now I’m a size 12 and I actually enjoy exercise – something I’d never believed possible.”  

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Take control 

As experts in the psychology of weight loss, Slimming World can empower you to take back control and change your mindset around food and drink. Our expert strategies and motivational tools will help you build new habits for weight loss that lasts. 

Sarah Wynter, our Miss Slinky 2023, was struggling with her weight as a busy nurse. Joining Slimming World helped her to break free from a lifetime of restrictive diets. 
‘At 17st 4lbs, I’d leave each shift feeling totally exhausted. I knew that I needed to lose weight, but nothing worked – until I found Slimming World. The support in group helped me to understand myself and my relationship with food more deeply. Now I’m the best version of myself for my patients – and for me and my family.’ 

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Free Take 5 recipe book worth £4.95/€7.95

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