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When we’re struggling with our weight, it can feel like some things are out of our control – from the foods we eat to the everyday challenges that steer us away from making slimming-friendly choices.

As experts in the psychology of weight loss, Slimming World will empower you to take back control and build new healthy habits that last. 

Here, five inspirational slimmers share how being a member has helped them change their mindset around food and drink, and spurred them on to lasting success.

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Yes you can… understand yourself as a slimmer

There are many reasons why we might struggle to lose weight. Some of them are known to us – like the foods we eat. Others might be just outside of our awareness. At Slimming World, we’ll help you uncover the deeper psychological barriers to your success, and then arm you with the tools to overcome them, so that you can develop healthier new grooves.

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Laura Allen

The support of her Slimming World Consultant helped Laura Allen understand the link between her emotions and her secret-eating habit…

“I’d always been a big emotional eater and I used food as both a comfort and a reward, often eating in private so that my family wouldn’t know. When I joined Slimming World, it was such a relief to open up about my secret eating, and my group helped me to understand and gradually break the habit without ever feeling deprived.

I finally have some control over my eating. Before, I’d pick my way through the day, snacking on crisps and chocolates and finishing with a takeaway. Now I cook my meals from scratch, making delicious Slimming World versions of my favourite recipes, like chicken tikka masala.”

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Yes you can… stop negative self-talk

We’re much more likely to make healthy choices when we feel good about ourselves. However, that’s easier said than done, especially if we’ve fallen into the habit of putting ourselves down.

Surrounding yourself with positive people who understand and genuinely care about you is vital when it comes to silencing that inner critic. In fact, our research found that 91% of our members feel more positive about themselves since joining Slimming World.

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Harriet Peacock

Years of abuse about her weight had left Harriet Peacock feeling trapped in a cycle of negative self-criticism. But when she joined Slimming World, she found the acceptance she’d been looking for – and went on to lose a staggering 20st.

“Over the years, I’d tried pretty much every diet going. They never worked and would usually end in a binge-eating session because I was so hungry, and with me branding myself as a failure who was destined to be overweight and miserable forever. 

Group taught me that I was worthy of happiness and it gave me back my confidence. Apart from family and close friends, my fellow members were the first people who made me feel accepted. They just got it, were never judgemental and, as the weight came off, they cheered me on every step of the way.”

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Yes you can… fit changes around your lifestyle

You’re more likely to stick to healthy habits when they slot into your everyday routine. Our Food Optimising eating plan is fully flexible, so it can easily work with your lifestyle, whether you’ve got a busy family life, a full-on job, a packed social calendar – or all three!

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Matt Symons

Before he joined Slimming World, Matt Symons thought he’d have to give up his social life to lose weight. Then a question from his Consultant changed everything…

“I used to meet my friends in the pub after work almost every night, catching up over food and drink – I could easily get through 10 pints, then stop for a kebab or pizza on the way home. My weight crept up and up, but it didn’t occur to me to change my lifestyle.

Then, just before Christmas 2016, a metal dining chair buckled beneath me at a friend’s house party. I joined Slimming World a week later.

In one session, I talked about how I’d been avoiding the pub because I was worried I’d just regain all the weight as soon as I started socialising again. When my Consultant, Steven, asked me if I could change the way my social life was set up, it was a revelation.

Everyone chipped in with ideas for nights out, and I started to meet up with my new friends from group for coffee dates and cinema trips. I also discovered that I really enjoyed tenpin bowling, and we started going for regular games. I was having a great time – without feeling hungover and low the following morning!”

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Yes you can… get support on your terms

There’s no telling how or when life will throw up challenges to your weight loss. That’s why you’ll find lots of ways to connect with the Slimming World Community.

Many of our Consultants have closed Facebook groups, where members can swap ideas, celebrate successes and help each other stay on track between groups.

Plus, members enjoy exclusive 24/7 access to our app, with its 1,900 recipes, behaviour-changing tools, real-life success stories, progress tracking and the Slimming World barcode scanner, for support wherever you are and whenever you need us. 

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Member Charlie Morgan found the app an invaluable lifeline…

“I downloaded the app immediately after signing up. On my first trip to the supermarket as a member, I used the Slimming World barcode scanner on my phone to check the Syns on anything I wasn’t sure about. I also checked the app if I needed a reminder about the basics of Food Optimising. In my first week, I was surprised by just how much I could eat on the plan – and even more surprised when I lost 5lbs! 

That gave me the confidence to be a bit more adventurous the following week, so I looked up some of our favourite dishes and used the app to find slimming versions. My girlfriend is vegetarian, and we found lots of recipes that could work for both of us – we’d cook the vegetarian version and I’d add meat to my portion at the end.’’

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Yes you can… let go of guilt and shame

These emotions are two of the most common stoppers to our weight loss success. Learning to shed the burden of them is a change most of us could benefit from making, and that starts with finding an environment where you feel safe and free from judgement – which is exactly what you’ll find in our groups and our online Community.

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Sophie Ratcliffe

A fear of failure meant Sophie Ratcliffe hid her slimming goals. By sharing her journey with other Slimming World members, she finally found the support she needed to succeed.

“Before joining Slimming World, I never told anyone when I was trying to lose weight, as I was sure I wouldn’t succeed. My son was being bullied at school because of my weight, which made me feel so guilty, but I had no idea how to change things.

It was September 2021 when I first walked through Slimming World’s doors. At 24st, I felt embarrassed by my size, but no-one made me feel self-conscious. The other members were such a lovely bunch, I instantly knew I was safe and that they wouldn’t be judging me. I left the session feeling hopeful for the first time in ages.”

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If you’re looking for lasting weight loss, you’ll find a world of support waiting at your local Slimming World group or in our vibrant online Community. We’d love to welcome you!

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