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If you’re completely new to Slimming World, you’re likely to have lots of questions for us. We feel like ‘how does Slimming World work?’ is a good place to start. Read on and discover why it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. A healthy no-hunger plan 

The first thing you need to know about Slimming World is that you’ll never feel hungry. The healthy eating plan that we call Food Optimising focuses on Free Food – healthy, satisfying food that you can eat in unlimited amounts. 

Slimming World Free Food

There’s a super long list of Slimming World Free Food that you can eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s!) content. Fill up on:

  • lean meat and poultry
  • fish
  • eggs
  • dried pasta
  • rice
  • potatoes
  • fruit
  • veg
  • some fat-free dairy products
  • some meat replacements (like plain Quorn and tofu)

As long they’re cooked without fat or oil, you can eat Free Foods with no weighing, no measuring, no limits – no kidding!

Many storecupboard staples are also Free, making it easy to cook up a storm in the kitchen without worrying. Slimming World members will find tons of completely Free recipes shared at group and online, so you can pile your plate at breakfast, lunch or dinner, and still lose weight.

Slimming World Healthy Extras

To help provide a good balance of nutrients, Slimming World members are encouraged to enjoy Healthy Extras every day. Healthy Extras are measured amounts of foods that are important for a balanced diet:

2 Healthy Extra ‘a’ choices to provide calcium – so milk and cheese (including dairy and non-dairy options)

1 Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice to provide fibre and other essential nutrients – so bread, cereals, crispbreads, nuts and seeds, and dried, canned and cooked fruit

Slimming World members get access to tools that let you search thousands of foods and find out the portion size for each Healthy Extra. It’s not guesswork – it’s Food Optimising science!

Slimming World Syns

Another fantastic thing about Food Optimising is that no food is ever banned. We’re firm believers that a little bit of what you fancy does you good! The key is moderation, which is why foods that are high in fat or sugar, as well as alcohol, have a Syn value. Slimming World members are encouraged to plan 5-15 Syns a day to keep their weight loss on track, without missing out.

Slimming World members can use our Food Search tool (online and app) to find out the Syn values of thousands of different foods. That way, they can make informed choices about what they’re eating – Slimming World is all about choice power!

2. More ‘magical’ movement

Alongside Food Optimising, Slimming World members are encouraged to get active –  something we call Body Magic. It’s no secret that an active lifestyle brings lots of benefits (alongside giving weight loss a boost!), so building more movement into your day is a brilliant step towards a happier, healthier you. There are loads of different activities that count towards Body Magic –  from walking to gardening to karate. Find out more about Body Magic on the blog!

SW Jenny stocks up on lovely Free fruit

3. Unbeatable Slimming World support

This is where the Slimming World difference really shines through. It’s more than just a healthy lifestyle plan – it’s also an incredible support network of like-minded slimmers all helping and encouraging one another to reach those weight loss goals. If you asked a Slimming World member ‘how does Slimming World work?’, we’re sure that this unbeatable support will be a big part of their answer.

If you choose to join a local Slimming World group, you’ll be met by a friendly Consultant who’s been in your shoes and knows the challenges that weight loss brings. You’ll no doubt be warmly welcomed by your fellow members, who’ll become your very own cheer-leading squad to spur you on all the way. Your super supportive group will meet weekly for IMAGE Therapy – a sharing of ideas, triumphs and challenges to help you achieve your personal weight loss goals. 

Those who choose to join as an online-only member will have a toolkit of inspirational, motivational and practical features at their fingertips – including recipes, real-life success stories, useful articles and much more. We also have a vibrant Community at Slimming World Online where members can meet, chat, and share ideas – so that supportive network of new friends is still there, even if you can’t get to a group. 

Will Slimming World work for me?

Hopefully we’ve answered the question ‘how does Slimming World work?’, in a nutshell, but you can find lots more information about what you can eat and how the plan works at

If you’re still feeling unsure about whether Slimming World will work for you, you can also read hundreds of real-life stories from members who had the same worries. Many of them felt that weight loss was an impossible task before they found Slimming World, and all of them have transformed their lifestyles to look and feel amazing. You can do the same! Start your journey with Slimming World and we’ll support you all the way.  

If you’ve been inspired to join your local group or Slimming World Online, please let us know. We’d love to follow your progress as a Slimming World new starter.

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