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Research shows that Slimming World members make the healthy changes that will help them lose weight, while still enjoying the foods they love:

Our members cook from scratch more often, order takeaways less often and eat fatty and sugary foods significantly less often than before they joined.*

Our members also reported forming a healthier relationship with food, and more than three-quarters of members (76%) said that they always felt satisfied or full when they’re following Slimming World’s flexible eating plan.**

When members first join Slimming World, they’re often really surprised by what (and how much) they can eat. That’s because our science-based eating plan has been designed to give us:

  • the freedom to eat the foods we love and still lose weight
  • the freedom to make our own choices and stay in control
  • freedom from ever feeling hungry or guilty
  • freedom from the habits that used to hold us back – together with the know-how and power to develop healthy new habits for life

Slimming World groups are open 

Slimming World groups are running as normal, so now’s a fantastic time to discover for yourself how we can help you get the results you want. Find your nearest group here.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you start your weight loss journey with Slimming World…

Filling Free Foods

The foundation of our flexible Food Optimising plan is unlimited Free Food – including lean meat, fish, eggs, fruit, veg, pasta, rice, pulses and potatoes – which we can eat until we’re satisfied, without worrying about weighing, measuring or counting.

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No restrictions or guilt

Of course, Slimming World members can also enjoy foods that aren’t Free, either as measured Healthy Extras (which provide essential nutrients, particularly fibre and calcium) or by using their Syns (things that are usually banned on a typical diet – such as chocolate, crisps or alcohol – without any guilt!).

Delicious recipes

Every Slimming World member has access to more than 1,600 recipes on the member website and app – including everything from quick and easy midweek meals to Sunday roasts (with all the trimmings!), favourite fakeaways and tasty snacks and treats. And thatʼs on top of all the recipe sharing in your Slimming World group, our fabulous recipe books and Slimming World Magazine too! So, whatever your lifestyle, likes, dislikes or dietary requirements, you’ll never be stuck for ideas again.

Simple swaps and expert strategies

With the help of your highly trained Consultant and the other members in group, you can keep all of your favourite foods on the menu by learning how to make small, easy changes! And with psychology-based strategies to get you through every challenge, we’ll help you to transform your relationship with food and develop healthy eating habits that last.

Unbeatable slimming support

We’ve been helping people to lose weight for more than 50 years, so we understand the importance of strong support while slimming. It won’t always be plain sailing, even with a plan as generous and easy as Food Optimising. You’ll find so much encouragement, inspiration, care and compassion in our Slimming World groups – we’ll be with you every step of the way!

Jamie Woodend 4st weight loss transformation-slimming world blog

Slimming World member Jamie Woodend has lost more than 4st. He says:

“I think my biggest challenge is snacking at work. I’m always being offered chocolates, biscuits and crisps and, sometimes, it’s hard to say no. My Consultant, Sally, encouraged me to find Free Food alternatives that I’d be happy to swap to, and the other members gave me some brilliant ideas to try.

It was great to realise that losing weight didn’t have to mean missing out. I could still enjoy a snack at work – Slimming World just helped me to make different choices. By going to group each week, and learning more about myself as a slimmer, all the preconceptions I had about losing weight began to fall away.”

Slimming World groups are open and waiting to welcome you! We’re here to help you transform your eating habits for life, so you can lose weight without ever feeling hungry or deprived. You can find your nearest group here.

*Data relates to Slimming World’s Health and Wellbeing study. Reported findings are from an evaluation of 545 members polled in November 2019 and February 2020, examining health-related behaviour changes made within a few weeks of joining and then again three months later.

**Between 7th and 18th May 2021, the survey questioned more than 2,500 Slimming World members and a representative sample of 2,008 adults in the general population, asking for their opinions on previous weight loss methods and their experiences of weight management.

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