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At Slimming World, we know that there are many brilliant benefits to being more active – and our unique Body Magic activity programme supports every member who wants to improve their fitness, step by step, at a pace that’s right for them.  

We also know that, when it comes to weight loss and exercise, many of us have misconceptions that can make it harder to get started. To help cut through the confusion, we’ve busted six of the most common activity myths: 

Six myths about exercise and weight loss: busted

Myth: No pain, no gain 

Busted: There’s no need to pound pavements on a run or get sweaty in Lycra (unless you want to!). There are loads of different ways to get active – from walking and dancing to stretching and doing the housework. And choosing something that you enjoy means you’re much more likely to stick to it and make it a healthy habit for life.

Slimming World Lauren bowling

Lauren has dropped four dress sizes and gained a huge amount of confidence since joining Slimming World. This striking snap at the bowling alley was taken on her first night out in seven years!

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Myth: I need to lose weight first 

Busted: From feeling self-conscious in activewear to not knowing how to begin, there are lots of things that can hold slimmers back from becoming more active, especially at the start of their journey. Our Body Magic programme is for everyone – at all levels of fitness. Even if you’re making your first steps towards a slimmer you and you’ve never exercised before, we’ll help you gradually fit moving more into your life until it’s a natural part of your routine. 

Let’s move! Discover how Slimming World will help you get active at your own pace

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Myth: It’s expensive  

Busted: Gym membership and exercise equipment can be costly, but it is possible to get active without it costing a penny! Many parks have free outdoor gyms or organised ParkRuns – or you could go for a brisk stroll or get stuck into a garden spruce-up. Our members also enjoy access more than 90 activity videos as part of their Slimming World package, which are great for flexible at-home workouts. 

Slimming World blog-Jenny-Garner-after

Magic tip: Jenny ‘climbed Everestʼ using a single garden step! 

Myth: I don’t have time 

Busted: Our Body Magic activity programme is totally tailorable to every lifestyle – no matter how hectic it is. Building activity into your everyday routine is the key to making it an ongoing habit. That could mean squeezing in an energetic kickabout with the kids or a fun activity with a friend (badminton…? bowling…? a good boogie…? It all counts!)  

Member Meg jumping on a trampoline in the garden.

Meg has lost 3st 10lbs with Slimming World. She says, “A big misconception is that you have to run marathons to feel the benefits. In reality, every step (or bounce) counts!”

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Myth: Exercising makes you gain weight 

Busted: Muscle is more dense than fat, but although regular moderate-intensity activity helps to strengthen, tone and maintain your muscles, actually adding muscle is no easy feat. In fact, stronger muscles will support your slimming, by burning more energy (calories) even when they’re at rest/not being used.  

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Myth: I can’t exercise with limited mobility 

Busted: While mobility impairment can make working out more challenging, there are options available so that you can experience the benefits of Body Magic, from letting the water take the strain at your local pool or joining an inclusive gym, to tackling a wheelchair-friendly walking route or trying one of the seated Slimming World activity videos. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise programme.  


Kim Hatton didn’t exercise for more than 30 years after developing multiple sclerosis… then her Slimming World Consultant inspired her to try an online wheelchair workout. Now she’s aiming for her silver Body Magic award. 

Magic tip: Our seated activity videos are ideal if you have limited mobility. 

If you’d love an effective, tailorable way to lose weight that offers you an easy, generous, flexible eating plan and an ‘at your pace’ physical activity programme, you’ll love Slimming World.

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