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Are you planning a trip to the funfair this summer? There’s something so nostalgic about the sights, sounds and smells – including those deep-fried doughnuts and waffles, topped with a scoop of ice cream (or two!).    

We’re bringing all the fun of the fair to you this summer, with these surprisingly slimming-friendly recipes. What’s your funfair favourite? 

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Iced doughnuts 

Slimming World doughnuts

Ring in the start of summer with a dough-licious taste of the seaside.   

Chocolate waffles 

Slimming World chocolate waffles with raspberries and ice cream

These chocolatey waffles are super simple to make – serve up a batch for the family, and it’ll be sunny smiles all round!   

Classic vanilla ice cream 

Slimming world ice-cream cones

Sometimes simple really is best. Add a mini flake and sprinkles for proper ice cream van vibes! 

Slimming World members can look up the Syn values of their choice of ice cream toppings in seconds using the food search tool on the website and app. 

Dairy-free ice cream 

Slimming World dairy free ice cream. Vegan vanilla ice cream served with fruit

This vegan vanilla ice cream is perfect for sunshine season. Enjoy a scoop on a cone, in a milkshake or with your favourite fruits. 


Slimming World frappes

Fancy a slimming-friendly frappé? Try tropical mango, sweet strawberry and vanilla or cool choca mocha. 

More for members: You’ll find lots of support in group and on our websites to help you slim through your summer holiday. Discover three slimming strategies here. 


Slimming World party popcorn

Elevate sweet or salted popcorn with pomegranate seeds and choc chips, roughly chopped pistachios or mini marshmallows and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon. Slimming World members will find Syn values for these popcorn toppings in our 17 festive nibbles article. 

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Candyfloss granitas recipe

Refreshing, fruity ices that the whole family will love – and you only need three ingredients! 

serves 6 
1½ Syns per serving 
ready in 15 minutes plus 7 hours freezing 


What you need: 

800ml strawberry-flavoured no-added-sugar still water  
250g fresh strawberries, hulled, reserving 3 to decorate  
25g candyfloss (suitable for vegans) 

What you do: 

1. Put the flavoured water and strawberries in your blender or food processor and whizz until smooth. Pour into a freezer-proof lidded container, then seal and freeze for 4 hours. Scrape the frozen mixture with a fork to form flaky chunks, and seal and freeze for a further 2 hours.  

2. Scrape the mixture again, then seal and freeze for 1 more hour. Scrape the mixture for a third time, then seal and freeze until you’re ready to serve.  

3. To serve, use a fork to rough up the mixture, if necessary. Spoon into 6 tall dessert glasses or bowls. Divide the candyfloss between the glasses or bowls, then halve the reserved strawberries, nestle them on top of the candyfloss and serve immediately. 

Step into a slimmer summer 

More for members this summer with Slimming World

Join us in group – or sign up to our digital service, Slimming World Online – to get your summer off to an amazing slimming start. We can help you enjoy the sunny season as a fitter, healthier and more confident you, whatever challenges come your way. 

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