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Achieving your dream weight is an amazing achievement, and something that we love to celebrate with our members. However, that’s not where the Slimming World journey ends. We fully understand that, for some members, maintaining their new weight can be challenging at times – which is why our approach is fully future-proof. 

Instead of focusing on quick-fix methods, we’ll help you to build healthy habits that you’ll want to stick to, long-term. This ongoing support, together with a Food Optimising plan that’s easy to follow and flexible enough to work for every lifestyle, means that our members get the weight loss they want and stay slim for life*! 

Slim for Life research revealed 

After receiving support and advice to make mindset and behaviour changes, three-quarters of Slimming World members still weighed less, three years after joining. 

Read the research here 

Meet our members

Meet some of the members who’ve achieved life-changing, long-lasting weight loss results with Slimming World

“I’ve kept 8½st off for five years – and counting!” 

Alice Ingman lost 8st 7lbs

Read Alice’s story 

“Until I lost 17st, I worried that I wouldn’t get to see my grandchildren grow up.” 

Dawn Lambert lost 17st

Read Dawn’s story 

“I’m at my dream weight – and have been for 21 years!” 

Shelly Willetts lost 3st 4lbs

Read Shelly’s story 

“My type 2 diabetes is in remission after losing more than 8st.” 

John Dick lost 8st 4lbs

Read John’s story 

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“I’ve maintained my 5st weight loss for 15 years.” 

Rachel lost 4st 9lbs

Read Rachel’s story 

“I lost 3st in five months. Now I help my community as a Slimming World Consultant.” 

Slimming World Consultant Zaheer before and after weight loss transformation

Read Zaheer’s story 

“I’m still 11st lighter 10 years on!” 

Natasha Bunby weight loss transformation-Natasha Bunby success-slimming world blog

Read Natasha’s story 

“I lost half my body weight and have maintained it for seven years. Now I’m ticking off my bucket list adventures!”

Read Alison’s story

Making it easy to stay slim for life

When you join Slimming World, we focus on helping you form new healthy habits that will last a lifetime – so it’s important that you can still enjoy your family’s favourite meals. Try six slimming-friendly and family-friendly dinners here.

Find your slimming support network  

Whether you’re new to Slimming World or you’re rejoining after some time away, we’re ready and waiting to welcome you with everything you need to get the long-term weight loss you want, including…  

  • a flexible, easy-to-follow Food Optimising plan  
  • personalised Consultant-led support in your weekly Slimming World group  
  • our unique physical activity programme, Body Magic  
  • more than 2,000 authentic Slimming World recipes  
  • members-only website with weight loss tools, success stories and expert strategies   
  • top-rated members-only support app, with barcode scanner  

*In the study of 356 adults, the weight of both current and past members was measured two and a half to three years after joining Slimming World – with all respondents weighing less than when they signed up. Those who completed the survey were, on average, 7% lighter compared to when they joined Slimming World. Those still attending Slimming World were, on average, 9.6% lighter, maintaining an average loss of 21lbs and a reduction in BMI of 3.4kg/m2. Those no longer attending had maintained a loss of 4.4% (8.5lbs) and a BMI reduction of 1.5kg/m2.   

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