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When Anna and I started a podcast in my kitchen in December 2018, we never realised that so many avid listeners would be tuning in to our series some 16 months later. 

Right now, some of our previous episodes, such as ‘Emotional eating’, ‘Embracing the loneliness’ and ‘Knowing your why’, are providing a real lifeline as members continue on their weight loss journeys in what are truly challenging times.

Jo (@jo_talbot44_sw) sent us a message to say the podcast has helped keep her anxiety at bay. Cindy (@cindys_fit_journey) said she was using the series as a safe haven to escape the doom-and-gloom news. 

We’re ever-amazed at the love and support among our listeners and fellow members, especially at a time when real-life groups have had to temporarily close their doors and members attend their Slimming World virtual group from the safety of their own home instead. 

Anna and I recording a previous episode from a carousel!

What’s fantastic is that many members are as determined as ever to continue their journey, and others are keen to protect their weight loss as much as they can. With that in mind, the Slimming World blog asked me to come up with my top 10 episodes to help you through these difficult times. With more than 70 episodes to choose from, it was no easy task – but these 10 posts stood out as ones that tackle the challenges we all face right now:

Ep 6 Letting guilt go

Ep 10 Emotional eating

Ep 12 Know your why

Ep 18 Fighting your inner rebel

Ep 27 Embrace loneliness

Ep 34 Overwhelmed

Ep 40 Boredom eating, how to beat it

Ep 48 Should and expectations

Ep 62 Mind your language, not your waistline

Ep 67 Getting back on track

Of course, if you’re new to the podcast, then there’s loads more to discover – a great way to fill any extra time that you might have at the moment! And there’s absolutely no pressure to start listening from the beginning. Instead, we encourage new listeners to pick a title that really speaks to them and where they’re at in their journey.

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your Body Magic, want to beat boredom eating or are thinking of cutting down on booze – there really is something for everyone. One little disclaimer, though – you’ll never find us recording in a perfectly polished studio. We’ll be recording in my car, on cold concrete floors outside town halls, in pubs, or on the swings at the park! Or, as is necessary at the moment, from our homes.

Right now, my podcast co-host, Anna, is recovering at home from what doctors suspect is coronavirus. Despite having not spoken to any ‘real’ people in four weeks, she remains in good spirits and continues to run her virtual groups from her spare room (and record our podcast in her bed!).

I’m at home, too, continuing to podcast and write. And chipping away at the final 8½lbs to reach my target weight once and for all.

Something feels different for me on this particular journey. Thanks to Slimming World, Anna and our podcast listeners, this time around I’ve invested in a truckload of support and accountability to make sure I stay on track. No more yo-yoing. After all, I could name at least 10 podcast listeners who are in exactly the same boat right now. And I simply can’t let them down.

We hope our podcast continues to be the bite-size mojo, and the group between groups, that members need right now. We’re in this rollercoaster for the long haul – all together.

With love, health and happy wishes,


PS If you’ve no idea what a podcast is, it’s a sort of radio show about a specific topic, and you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want. It’s free to subscribe and open to everyone. Search for ‘Slimming World Podcast’ on Spotify or the Apple Podcasts and Castbox app, or listen via your browser at

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