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🎶 Whoooooah, we’re halfway there! 🎶 If you’re in the thick of the school holidays, you may very well feel like you’re living on a prayer right now! While we can’t help with those cries of “I’m bored” or “Are we nearly there yet?”, we can help you stay on track with your slimming. 

You’ll always find a warm welcome at your nearest Slimming World group, where your Consultant will guide you through a summer of fun with tailored slimming strategies and as much support as you need. With more than 50 years of experience helping our members lose weight through every season, we’re confident that we can help you overcome any slimming challenge this August and September. In the meantime, we’ve got a second set of tips for midsummer motivation.

Say yes to summer socialising

Whether it’s a long-awaited wedding or a (hopefully) sun-soaked family barbecue, summer can be one of the most sociable times of the year. The good news is, when you join Slimming World, you’ll find out how flexible Food Optimising, our delicious eating plan, really is, and how it will work for every event on your calendar. Slimming World groups are brimming with ideas for smart swaps and slim-safe strategies, and your Consultant has a unique Motivational Toolkit (including the SAS log, to identify anything that could be stopping you from getting the weight losses you’d love, and Visualisation, a powerful technique that uses the power of our subconscious mind to create brand new healthy habits). 

TOP TIP: Find out what your food options are in advance and use the eating out and socialising pages in your Food Optimising book or the handy online Food Search tool (on our member website and app) to make the right choices for you and your weight loss.

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Tackle those triggers

When the kids are off school, it can mean having a bigger store of snacks in the cupboards. If your little ones love to tuck into things that you’d rather avoid, having your own slimming-friendly snacks can save the day. There’s loads of choice –  Slimming World’s list of unlimited Free Foods includes plenty of options for when you’re feeling peckish – fresh fruit and veg, lean meat and hard-boiled eggs are all Free. Plus you’ll get lots of ideas for nibbles and snacking strategies in group and on our exclusive member websites and app, too. 

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Plan active days out

Day trips are great for making the most of the fine weather (while it lasts!), spend time with friends and family (or take some time out just for you) and add in some brilliant Body Magic without breaking a sweat (unless you want to). At Slimming World, we encourage you to get active in a way that fits in with your lifestyle – this means that you’re far more likely to enjoy it and want to keep doing it! You can clock up a surprising amount of steps simply exploring somewhere new – as member Ciara (@veganslims, pictured above) discovered on her visit to a sculpture park.

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Taste the sunshine

Summer is a great opportunity to spotlight some delicious new recipes. Light the barbecue and try the fired-up favourites from the Aug/Sept issue of Slimming World Magazine (double-stacked bacon burgers with slow-roasted onions? Yes, please). Or give satisfying salads a chance to shine. Get a recipe-swapping session going in group and you’re guaranteed to leave with more menu ideas than you can make this August!

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Be a self-catering swot

Are you making a last-minute getaway? You can stay on plan, even while staying away from home – and it’s especially easy if you’re self-catering. Pack your favourite Slimming World recipe book (or bookmark them online – our members have access to over 1,500 on the website and app). Suss out the nearest supermarket, or visit a farmers’ market and fill your basket with just-caught fish, locally farmed lean meat and piles of super-fresh fruit and veg – all Free Food.

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Quench your thirst

While drinking water won’t boost your weight loss, staying hydrated is great for our health and it can stop us from mistaking thirst for hunger (and eating more as a result). As well as water (still or sparkling, bottled or tap!), sugar-free squash and diet fizzy drinks are all Free when you’re a Slimming World member. 

TOP TIP: Carry a refillable water bottle and look out for places that will fill it for free (apps like Refill will show your nearest).

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Make the most of it!

Summer only comes around once a year – and sunny days are especially exciting, so enjoy them to the max. With Slimming World, you can have an amazing summer and still lose weight, so say yes to that ice cream, yes to that garden party and yes to feeling fantastic while squeezing every last drop out of the season!

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