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While we know that activity is good for us, we might not realise just how many important benefits it brings – and that you don’t have to be a regular runner or gym-goer to reap the rewards. 

At Slimming World, we can help you increase your activity alongside following our Food Optimising plan, until it becomes an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

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What is Slimming World Body Magic? 

Body Magic is our unique physical activity programme, which:

  • helps you develop a healthy, active lifestyle
  • supports your weight loss…
  • …and – once you reach your dream weight – helps you maintain it for life!

This totally tailorable programme is rooted in mindset change – we’ll support you in making small changes and creating new active habits that will fit into your everyday life – and carefully designed to fit in with the government’s recommendations for physical activity. We encourage you to get active from your own personal starting point and help you to build active habits at your own pace

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What are the benefits of being more active?

When you build in regular activity alongside Food Optimising, you’ll enjoy physical and mental health benefits that you simply won’t get with just one or the other. Would you love…

  • to sleep better
  • improved mental wellbeing
  • improved shape and posture
  • stronger bones, joints and muscles
  • lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • to stay fit and healthy as we get older
  • a better adjusted appetite
  • to stay a healthy weight forever

Magic fact: After three months, Slimming World members feel more positive about physical activity than the general population, saying it makes them feel more happy, healthy, confident and better about their body.

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How will Slimming World help me to get more active?

We understand that getting started on your activity pathway can feel challenging. If there’s anything stopping you from taking the next step, please know that you’re not alone. Your Consultant will help you find easy and accessible activities that suit you and your lifestyle, and build your confidence. Members of our digital-only service will find tools and support at Slimming World Online.

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If you’re not already active, you don’t have to do a tremendous amount to make progress. The key is to make a small change and repeat it until it becomes a habit. Then, when you feel ready, gradually increase the amount of exercise you do, so that activity becomes a healthy, fun habit you want to keep.

Slimming World member Ashli Sterling, who’s lost 3st 7lbs, didn’t think it was possible to actually enjoy exercise. She says: 

“I always had a reason why I couldn’t go to the gym: it was too cold, too late, I was too busy… Then my Consultant explained how we could build our fitness up gradually. I set myself a challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day, no matter what. Now, I love every second of my new active lifestyle – and I honestly never thought I’d say that!”

Ashli Sterling in running gear smiling on a rural path

Discover how Ashli Sterling let go of her fitness hang-ups

What counts as Body Magic activity?

Sitting down less and moving more is a great habit to get into. Some people enjoy going for a run, while others may find a walk is enough. Some might choose weight training or a workout routine. Even vigorous cleaning, dancing and car washing count!

Slimming World member Chloe (in our main image) loves getting her heart pumping while hiking, and she says the steps get a little easier with every climb.

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What are Slimming World Body Magic awards?

Slimming World Body Magic awards are a great incentive, especially if you love a goal. You can log your activity to achieve Magic Mover, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Body Magic awards, building up your activity step-by-step, forming lasting habits.

Remember: You choose where to start and you set the pace. Decide which Body Magic award you’d like to work towards (the one that moves you beyond your current activity level) and start making activity a habit.

Mike Davis has lost 9st and discovered the mood-lifting benefits of Body Magic. He says: “I’ve always been a very competitive person, so aiming for my next Body Magic award helped to keep me going. I’ve since added the Platinum award to my collection!”

Discover how Mike Davis overhauled his health and lost 9st

Slimming World Body Magic tool kit

When you join Slimming World, you’ll also have access to our collection of powerful techniques and get-going resources designed to guide, inspire and motivate you, including:

A unique support programme

We’ll help you to understand the benefits of getting active, give you the confidence to get started (and keep going!) and provide you with strategies to make activity part of your daily routine.

Step-by-step activity pathway

Record your achievements in the online activity tracker and feel motivated and inspired to move through the Body Magic awards, at your own pace. 

On-demand activity videos

Slimming World members have access to more than 90 activity videos, including both standing and seated workouts so there are options suitable for every level of fitness and mobility. You can choose from four different styles of activity, with videos that last between five and 30 minutes – an easy way to boost your activity on even your busiest day!


This motivational tool will help you track your progress and put strategies in place to help you overcome any challenges.

Fitness features

From easy-to-follow exercise guides and activity ideas to practical advice to help you break through any Body Magic barriers, our quick reads will give you the confidence and know-how to get going.

A cheerleading community 

Slimming World members are not alone on their Body Magic journeys. Just as you’ll share recipes, menus and food tips with your fellow members each week, your Consultant and friends in your local Slimming World group – and in our online Community for members of our digital service – will share activity ideas, strengthen your commitment to exercise and celebrate with you as you receive awards and hit your goals.

Audio walks and fitness-themed podcast episodes

Our guided audio walks are here to help members walk their way to better health and fitness – and have fun while you do it!

Over on the Slimming World podcast, presenters Anna and Clare discuss strategies to get you on the move, share tips to build up your activity levels and debunk myths about exercise.

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Discover your essential collection of Body Magic inspiration and get-going resources on the exclusive member website and app

Let’s get started!

Getting started with Body Magic is simple – and we’re here to help you take that first step. Any move you make towards a more active lifestyle is a success worth celebrating! We’ll help you to discover the activity that’s right for you and, with Slimming World support, you can enjoy those brilliant Body Magic benefits and lead an active lifestyle you’ll love!

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