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As we stay safe at home in these strange, uncertain times, we’re all trying to make the most of what we’ve got in our fridges and cupboards – and, on the blog, we’re always here with some handy recipe ideas to help you turn challenging ingredients into delicious, healthy meals. Our reader Celia got in touch after playing pot luck with her veg-box deliveries:

“Luckily I’ve managed to secure delivery of a veg box, however, we’re now on week three of lockdown and I have two large cabbages staring at me. I really don’t like them but feel I must use them. Even the neighbours declined free cabbages! I’d love some recipe suggestions on how to make cabbage taste better.” Celia

Hands up who feels like Celia? Lots of us only eat cabbage when someone serves up a side of coleslaw at a barbecue – and that’s such a shame. This gorgeous green (or red or white!) is a versatile vegetable that’s brilliant in a whole range of recipes, from sizzling stir-fries and colourful risottos to hearty pies and healthy salads.

Plus, because there are so many ways to play around with it, a cabbage can stretch across several different meals – handy at a time when we’re all trying to make our food shops last as long as possible.

So we’ve put together our favourite cabbage recipes to help you discover the joys of cooking with this unsung kitchen hero…

Slimming World cabbage recipes

Chinese banquet rice

A delicious way to use that can of water chestnuts or bamboo shoots in your cupboard, too – discover a wok-ful of exciting flavours with tender cabbage, sliced omelette and spiced pork or chicken.

Vegetable quinotto

Sliced cabbage and quinoa put a colourful, vegan-friendly twist on risotto

Crunchy coleslaw

Shredded white cabbage and carrot are the stars of our healthy coleslaw recipe – perfect on the side of the epic Slimming World Big Daddy burger or a smoky bean burger.

Keemar Matar cottage pie

We’ve borrowed an Indian mince curry to jazz up this comfort food classic – complete with a tasty cabbage and potato topping.

Bubble and squeak cakes

Our fantastically filling bubble and squeak recipe is ideal for using up your leftover cabbage – and makes a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If we’ve inspired you to get creative with your cabbage recipes, we’d love to share your foodie photos on the blog or on social (#theSlimmingWorldblog).

And if you’ve got something in your cupboard (or your fridge or freezer!) that you’re not sure what to do with, let us know and we’ll do our best to help!

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