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It’s usually around about now that we start counting down the last days of school, hitting the shops for holiday essentials and excitedly bringing those suitcases down from the loft. However, there’s nothing usual about this year. Many of us have had our holiday plans grounded and are swapping vacations for staycations instead. 

If you’re looking forward to a week closer to home (or even in the Costa del Garden!), there’s no reason why you still can’t get those holiday foodie feels. We can’t promise you sunshine, but we can guarantee great food, with our new ‘bring the holiday to you’ recipe series. 

This week, we’re bringing those classic summer holiday vibes, with a Spanish paella, Italian carbonara and more Mediterranean recipes to fill you with sunny holiday happiness.

Slimming World Mediterranean recipes


With bustling souks, soaring mountains and sweeping sands, Morocco is a destination made for adventure. If you love trying new things, this spicy Moroccan medley of lamb, chickpeas and vegetables makes a deliciously different dinner. A dollop of harissa paste adds a traditional taste of North Africa.

Moroccan lamb with aubergine and peppers


A country known for its love of food, Italy is all about rich dishes that are full of flavour. With Slimming World recipes, you can enjoy lighter versions of everything from a traditional lasagne to a pizza-topped pasta bake (surely the best of both worlds!), without ever skimping on taste. 

One of the most surprising things for many Slimming World members is that pasta is a Free Food (so you can eat as much as you like, until you feel full). To satisfy our members’ passion for pasta, we have a huge collection of pasta recipes on the member website.

This classic carbonara recipe is guaranteed to get your love affair with Italian cuisine started. Now that’s amore!

Classic spaghetti carbonara


If the Greek islands are at the top of your wanderlust wish list, we can help you recreate the taverna in your own backyard. Traditional Greek kebabs are great for throwing on a barbecue, and the distinctive marinade of oregano, mint, lemon and garlic gives these tempting pork skewers their authentic flavour. Of course, they’re just as good cooked on the grill in the kitchen, if the sun is feeling shy.

Pork souvlaki


If you love a sun, sea and sand break on the Spanish Costas, you’ll know that a perfect paella is a holiday-menu must. This vegan paella is packed with Free Food (including rice, which you can eat without worrying about weighing, measuring or counting). It’s also great for using up what you have in the cupboards, and you can add pretty much any fresh, frozen or tinned vegetables that you fancy. If you prefer a meaty meal, you can add skinless chicken, lean pork or prawns – or all three if you like!

One-pan vegan paella

Sal's paella - Slimming World Blog

A jet-set side dish

Adding a big, bright bowlful of veggies to your table will give an extra spoonful of slimming-friendly goodness. This colourful mix of peppers, cherry tomatoes, courgette, red onion and basil makes a delicious side dish for any Mediterranean meal.

Mediterranean-style veg

We’d love to help bring the holiday to you this summer. What’s your go-to meal when you’re away? Let us know what lightened-up recipes you’d like to see as part of this new series. 

Slimming World members can head over to the website for a trip around the world with our cosmopolitan collection of over 1,400 recipes. You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

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