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Unless we get a sudden blast of tropical weather (who remembers last February’s unseasonal heatwave, though?), chances are half-term activities will be very much indoor-based and, in my case, a trip to the cinema’s defo on the list. 

Going to see a film is often considered a ‘danger area’ for people on a slimming journey, and it’s not hard to see why. With an eye-popping array of sugary snacks, the smell of popcorn in the air and the pick-and-mix counter calling, it could be a horror-fest for your weight loss. 

Luckily our members have lots of tricks to manage the flicks – and it’s not all about swapping the snacks for salad! Whether you’ve got little animal lovers who fancy the new Doolittle movie or a Sonic-fan who wants to follow the speedy blue hedgehog on an adventure, arm yourself with our cinema slim-safe strategies. 

1. Blockbusting Free Food 

Many savvy Slimming World members protect their weight loss with their own smorgasbord of Free Food cinema snacks. Grapes, strawberries, melon fingers and satsuma segments all make gorgeously grabbable film accompaniments. 

And Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice dried apricots or Hi-fi bars are perfect for a sweet treat during the film, as these healthy snacks help keep slimmers nicely in their Food Optimising groove.

@SW_froggy made her own pick-and-mix bowl to accompany her cinema trip

Kelsey - Cinema snacks for a blockbusting weight loss - Slimming World Blog

2. Home-made thrillers 

The recipes you’ll find online and in Slimming World Magazine include loads of low Syn treats. Whether you fancy cupcakes or marshmallow pops there’s always a smart way to satisfy that sweet craving. And if savoury snacks are more your thing, our ingenious popquorn combines Quorn pieces with a crispy cornflake coating (you’ll find the recipe on our member websites), or falafels make the perfect transportable bites. 

Roasted red pepper falafels - Cinema snacks for a blockbusting weight loss - Slimming World Blog

3. Plot twist: Enjoy treats! 

Slimming World members have a daily Syn allowance to enjoy whenever – and however – they want. It’s what Food Optimising is all about – never feeling deprived thanks to a carefully controlled balance of Free Food, Healthy Extras and higher-calorie, less-filling foods. Whether spending Syns on treat-size chocolate, a scoop of ice cream or a shared tub of popcorn, members learn how to fit in treats to make life liveable and still lose weight. 

@sw_bethhazel avoids temptation by taking along her own yummy-looking treat box. 

sw_bethhazel - Cinema snacks for a blockbusting weight loss - Slimming World Blog

And for a home-based movie marathon

Hot dogs, Free doner kebabs or the yummy pizza potato wedges below (recipe available on the members’ websites) are the perfect partners to the latest releases – in the comfort of your own home! Enjoy with lots of fresh salad or roasted veg to make the most of filling Free Food. 

Cinema snacks for a blockbusting weight loss - Slimming World Blog

If we’ve kept you on the edge of your seat and Slimming World sounds like your kind of place to lose weight, watch the trailer here! 

We’d love to hear how you manage the movies – send us your slimming-friendly snacks (or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog), and let us know which dishes you’d give five stars! 

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