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With years of slimming experience under their belts, Slimming World podcast presenters Anna and Clare know how to get off to a strong slimming start – and how to stay motivated all the way to target. That’s why the Slimming World Podcast is the perfect place to get a boost of extra inspiration.

Their lively chats cover every slimming subject you can think of – from boredom eating to body image – with plenty of laughs along the way. Even better, if you’re a Slimming World member, you can listen to exclusive episodes that are packed with genius ideas and great advice – all designed to max your motivation and have a real impact on your weight loss.

We’ve picked a playlist of the best podisodes to help you start – or restart – your slimming journey. Grab a cuppa, pop on your headphones and get ready to feel inspired…

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Episode 156: Your Best Week Ever

What does it look like when you’re really ‘on it’? Are you doing Slimming World – or are you doing YOUR world?! Armed with an overflowing inbox that’s full of your inspirational tips, Anna and Clare debate what transforms a good Food Optimising week into a fantastic one.

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Episode 113: Back to Basics: Free Food

Join Anna and Clare for a quick-fire quiz! They’ve got just 60 seconds to see what recipes they can rustle up using a ‘lucky dip’ Free Food and some basic store-cupboard staples! 

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Episode 111: Fresh Start

The pair take a walk through the Peak District and talk about how having a great start can set the tone for the rest of the journey. 

Episode 110: Creating Habits That Stick

Anna and Clare are joined by friend of the podcast and behavioural psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos to talk about how to make achievable, realistic goals that help us to grow mentally and physically. They also discuss why we should be kinder to ourselves in the process.

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Episode 115: Back to Basics: Body Magic

Limber up for five Body Magic activities with Anna and Clare! They’re not too strenuous, it’s just a chance to warm up and get that heart beating a little faster. All you need is something comfy to wear and two tins from your kitchen cupboard. Note: If you have an injury or an underlying health condition, please follow the advice of your doctor and sit this one out if necessary.

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Episode 149: Practise Progress, Not Perfection

If you judge yourself by impossibly high standards, it can knock your confidence when you don’t achieve your goals. Anna and Clare discuss how they’re learning to let go of expecting everything to be perfect, and instead nurturing the healthy habits and behavioural changes that’ll keep them on track for the long term.

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Episode 165: Making the Most of Your New Member Pack (exclusive for members)

Ooh-er, there’s a brand-new Slimming World member pack out this year! In the first of our new exclusive episodes for members, Anna and Clare give their shiny new books a stroke, a sniff and a proper read through. Grab your pack and highlighter pens and join them!

PRESS PLAY: You can find our exclusive podcast episodes for members here

Whether you’re brand new to Slimming World or want to get back on your weight loss journey, we’re here to help! At Slimming World, you’ll discover the freedom to enjoy your favourite foods, activity ideas that suit your lifestyle and a personalised package of support to help you commit to healthy new habits for life.

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