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Making the decision that you want to lose weight can be difficult, and one of the biggest barriers is the worry that it just won’t work. If you’ve tried diets in the past and didn’t get the results you wanted, you might be wondering what makes Slimming World so different. 

We understand why our Food Optimising plan might seem too good to be true. New members are often surprised to discover that they can say yes to their favourite family meals, fakeaways, desserts and drinks – and are usually even more surprised by their week-one result on the scales! As their journeys continue, there’s a realisation that they’ve finally found a way of losing weight that’s enjoyable, sustainable – and that really works. 

Of course, every weight loss journey has its bumps – and that’s where our unique support system makes a big difference. With our deep understanding of the emotional side of slimming, we’ll equip you to overcome every obstacle and help you stay motivated all the way to your dream weight. 

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How does Slimming World work? 

  • Food Optimising – our flexible, no-hunger eating plan 
  • Expert help to change your mindset and take control 
  • Ongoing support in your Slimming World group or our online Community 

A flexible, no-hunger eating plan 

Never feeling hungry or deprived is a key part of what makes Food Optimising so effective, because it takes away any rebellion (because nothing is off limits) and we know that you’re much more likely to stick to something that leaves you feeling satisfied. Our science-based plan puts the focus on hundreds of unlimited Free Foods – foods that are naturally lower in calories for their weight – to keep you feeling fuller for longer (and don’t worry, we’ve done all the working out for you!).  

On top of all these Free Foods, you can still enjoy measured amounts of other foods too, so you neverfeel like you’re missing out – and we’ll help you to make informed choices, so that you’re always in control.  

Flexibility is important for slimming success, and Food Optimising has been carefully developed to work for everyone. With more than 2,000 delicious recipes on our member app and website, eating healthily is a doddle whatever your lifestyle or dietary preference! 

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Help to change your mindset and take control 

As experts in the psychology of weight loss, Slimming World will help you uncover the deep, often subconscious situations and self-sabotage traps that are holding you back. As well as tailored tools to help you form healthier eating habits, we also offer support to get active, at a pace that suits you, through our Body Magic activity programme. 

Whatever your own individual challenges and stoppers, we’ll help you to develop personalised slimming strategies, so you can navigate towards your target weight and stay slim for life.  

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Ongoing support and understanding 

Recent research shows that 57% of dieters have tried to slim in secret due to fears about being judged or failing. In the same study, 87% of members who’d previously kept their weight loss efforts to themselves only slimmed down successfully once they joined Slimming World – with support and accountability being key factors. We also know that those members who attend their weekly group regularly lose more weight – on average 15.4lbs in their first three months and 31lbs over the course of a year.  

When you join Slimming World you become part of an uplifting, inspiring, non-judgmental community of people who understand your struggles, so you’ll never feel alone on your journey. 

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Kelly Barker lost 18st with Slimming World

A photo showing Kelly before and after she lost 18st.

Kelly Barker feared she might not be around for her son’s future. Now, she’s the active, inspirational mum and teacher she always wanted to be and our Woman of the Year 2023! 

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