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Whether the sun’s out or not, at this time of year I’m all about enjoying satisfying, plate-filling Slimming World salads. And if you think that means a few lettuce leaves, a sliver of cucumber and some tomatoes, think again!

With so many Free Foods to choose from on the Food Optimising eating plan, your Slimming World salads can be as creative as you like. Fill your bowl with an exciting mix of lean meats, fish, veggies, fruits, grains and pulses and you’re guaranteed to make a splash at your next picnic or barbecue.

If you’ve recently stocked up on the freshest fruits and vegetables, now’s the perfect time to try our show-stopping Slimming World salad recipes and take this summer staple to a new taste level.
MORE FOR MEMBERS: Slimming World members can find a full salad showcase – featuring grilled halloumi, jerk chicken and creamy potato options – on the exclusive members’ website.

Greek watermelon and feta salad

If you can’t jet off to your favourite holiday destination, transport yourself to sunnier climes with this Slimming World salad. Fresh, fruity watermelon tastes great paired with creamy feta cheese.

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Greek salad with watermelon - Summer Salads - Slimming World Blog

Chicken and quinoa salad

The perfect prep-ahead salad for your lunch box or picnic – or even a lighter dinner! Adding the dressing at the last minute will keep it feeling freshly made.

Chicken quinoa salad - Summer Salads - Slimming World Blog

Sal’s oriental green salad and coleslaw

One of Sal’s store-cupboard specials! This summer salad is stuffed with seasonal veggies and makes a brilliant brunch, lunch or dinner.

Tuna niçoise salad

Packed with veggies, tuna and boiled eggs, this hearty Slimming World salad is seriously filling.

Tuna Nicoise salad - Summer Salads - Slimming World Blog

BLT salad

We’ve turned the classic sandwich into a Slimming World salad that really hits the spot! For a no-cook version, swap the bacon for your favourite cooked lean meat or flaked hot-smoked salmon.

BLT salad - Summer Salads - Slimming World Blog

Pasta bean salad recipe

Pasta salads make an easy, filling lunch – and our vegan version is ready in just 15 minutes.

Pasta bean salad in white bowl-slimming world salads-slimming world blog

serves 4
ready in 15 minutes

What you need:

400g dried pasta shapes, such as fusilli or spirali
200g can sweetcorn kernels in water, drained
400g can red kidney beans, drained
400g cherry tomatoes, halved
4 spring onions, sliced
2 tbsp roughly chopped fresh parsley
2 tbsp chopped fresh chives
4 tbsp fat-free vinaigrette

What you do:

1. Cook the pasta according to the pack instructions.

2. Meanwhile, put all the remaining ingredients in a large bowl, season lightly and mix well.

3. When the pasta is ready, drain well and mix into the other ingredients. Enjoy hot or cold.

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Slimming World members can find over 300 slimming-friendly salad recipes on the exclusive members’ website and app. With tasty tuna pasta, colourful griddled beef, classic chicken caesar, and many more to choose from, your salads will never be boring again!

You can find out more about joining Slimming World here.

Show off your salads! Whether you’re trying one of our superstar salads or your own fresh and crunchy creation, send your foodie pics to the blog or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog.

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