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When the sun is shining (or even when it’s not), nothing beats a flame-grilled feast with your family and friends – especially now groups of six can safely gather outdoors. And we’ve got a sizzling selection of Slimming World BBQ recipes to help you make the most of the season.

While barbecues might seem like a bad idea when you’re trying to lose weight – with all that tempting food and drink on offer – enjoying a plateful of grilled goodies is actually a breeze with the Slimming World eating plan. Free Foods like lean pork, beef, chicken, fish, tofu and vegetables all taste delicious cooked over hot coals (or on a convenient gas barbecue).

So whether you fancy burgers, kebabs or veggie dishes, the blog is brimming with Slimming World BBQ recipes – and you’ll find even more on our exclusive members-only website. Take a look at how our members are enjoying their grilled favourites without putting their weight loss on the back-burner…

Slimming World BBQ recipes

Best-ever burgers

No cookout is complete without a couple of juicy burgers served with plenty of slimming-friendly salad – and Slimming World members are spoilt for choice for ways to fill their wholemeal rolls. Free beef quarter pounders are part of the Slimming World food range at Iceland. If you fancy a homemade version, Kerry (@two_fluffyfoodies) made these perfect patties with lean beef mince, onion, garlic and herbs, then topped them with her Healthy Extra ‘a’ portion of cheese.

Beef burger, cheese, salad and roast potatoes-Slimming World BBQ recipes-Slimming World blog

TRY OUR RECIPE: Take your burgers to the next level with the Slimming World Big Daddy

If you fancy a vegetarian option, halloumi burgers are a fantastic choice. Gwen (@gwen4593) filled a wholemeal roll with reduced-fat halloumi, portobello mushrooms, red peppers and spinach to make this tasty-looking bap, which she served with home-made coleslaw.

Halloumi burger-Slimming World BBQ recipes-Slimming World blog

MORE FOR MEMBERS: You’ll find a stack of vegetarian burger recipes – including our smoky bean burgers – on our exclusive member website

Finger lickin’ drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks are a barbecue favourite – give yours a spicy twist by trying our Free jerk marinade and serving them with a fruity slaw.

TRY OUR RECIPE: Jerk chicken drumsticks with fruity Caribbean slaw

MORE FOR MEMBERS: Slimming World members can pick up a copy of our Little book of barbecue cookbook – a sizzling collection of over 50 brilliant barbecue recipes – from their local groups or our online shop.

Colourful kebabs

Skewers are great for grilling and there’s no limit to the delicious combos you can create. Mandy (@mandypoppinsslimmingworld) served up these South African-inspired chicken kebabs, along with a steak, grilled prawns and corn on the cob, to create this barbecue banquet.

Chicken kebabs-Slimming World BBQ recipes-Slimming World blog

TRY OUR RECIPE: Our chicken tikka kebabs pack a spicy flavour punch

Sizzling steaks

Steaks are ideal for the barbecue – with the added benefit that they taste just as good cooked under your kitchen grill if the weather suddenly turns. Even better, as long as they’re cooked without oil and all visible fat is removed, steaks are a Slimming World Free Food.

Patrick (@ottleyoconnor) enjoyed a sunshine supper of grilled steak served with potatoes, grilled peppers, onions and a drizzle of mushroom sauce (members can check the Syn value using the barcode scanner).

Steak in mushroom sauce with potatoes and peppers-Slimming World BBQ recipes-Slimming World blog

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Sunshine salads

A barbecue staple, salads are brilliant for adding plenty of weight loss-boosting fruits and veggies to your meal. You’re not limited to lettuce, cucumber and tomato either. With so many Free Foods to choose from, your salads can be as creative as you like.

Check out the gorgeous plate of grilled goodies Emily (@sw.emz) shared with us. As well as lamb koftas and halloumi, Emily packed her plate with lots of leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and roasted vegetable couscous.

TRY OUR RECIPE: Sal’s oriental green salad goes with everything

Are you looking for even more brilliant barbecue food inspiration? Our members’ websites are packed with ideas, from devilled drumsticks to spice-crusted salmon, and there are plenty of meat-free options, too. Join Slimming World and you’ll have over 1,500 recipes at your fingertips – as well as all the recipe swapping, expert slimming advice and caring support you get in your local group (currently running virtually) and our online Community.

You can send your gorgeous grill pics to the blog or share on social using #theSlimmingWorldblog.

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