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From wanting to improve your health to feeling confident in a new outfit for a special occasion, we all have our personal reasons for wanting to lose weight – and remembering what those are is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

If your slimming sparkle has dimmed, reminding yourself of the things that first inspired you to lose weight could help you rediscover your motivation. Slimming World Online member Snoopie says keeping her reasons in mind spurred her on to lose over 6st this year.

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My reasons for slimming down

“I started this year weighing 18st 10lbs and, for the first time, I felt worried about my weight. I found myself craving healthier foods and I wanted to cook and get fitter. I wasnʼt unhappy but a series of things pushed me from good intentions to action:

1. Turning 50 made me realise that both my mother and grandmother had died before they reached 69. That wasn’t something I wanted to match them on, so I needed to live in a healthier way.

2. My dad lost a lot of weight over the past two years, then got cancer. The surgeon told him that if he hadnʼt lost the weight, they wouldnʼt have been able to operate on him safely. I realised I would have been too heavy as well, if I’d been in his situation.

3. I started a new higher profile job – and I thought it was a good time to reinvent myself!

4. A friend told me about Slimming World. Another dragged me to Zumba and I survived (and enjoyed) it – which spurred me on to go to even more classes!

These things still motivate me today. If I’m ever struggling with my weight loss, I remind myself that Iʼm doing this for me. I will do this – it’s a change for life!”

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