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As we all try to adjust to the strange situation we find ourselves in, it feels like we’re in need of an extra dollop of slimming inspiration to help us through the challenging weeks ahead. We spotted our gorgeous member Snoopie on the Slimming World Online community, and just loved her at-home strategies for staying on track.

From making the most of the ingredients you have, to keeping in touch with your slimming support system, we’ve teamed up with Snoopie to share the practical things that have spurred her on to losing an amazing 6st!

Batch it up

If you’re stuck for ways to keep busy at home, it could be a chance to whip up some of your favourite freezer-fillers. A stash of tasty, home-made meals will be brilliant back-up in case you can’t get what you’d planned from the supermarket. Plus, lots of freezer-friendly recipes, like chillies, curries and soups, can be made using leftover veggies or store-cupboard staples like potatoes, beans and canned tomatoes. Snoopie uses her days off to make batches of spicy butternut squash soup, vegan black bean chilli and tofu and mushroom soup, and Slimming World members will find loads more freezable ideas over on the member website.

Chinese tofu and mushroom soup - snoopie_sw - Slimming World Blog

Keep in touch with your slimming squad

Although we know nothing quite beats that amazing feeling you find in a Slimming World group, we’re still here to help you with your weight loss journey. The entire Slimming World team is working extra hard to make sure you get all the support you need during this difficult time, and we know that our brilliant members will do what they always do – pull together to support each other when they need it the most.

As a Slimming World Online member, Snoopie gets involved in the lively online community, which is a hotbed of support, encouragement and tip swapping! It’s also where she found a tasty recipe for her five bean chilli.

Group members and online members will find a raft of helpful features and bulging recipe collections on the member website – which our teams are continuing to add to as I type. And, of course, we’re right behind you on the Slimming World blog!

Change up your ingredients

We all know supermarkets are feeling the strain at the moment, so stocking up on your usual foods might not always be possible, especially as we’re not able to get to the shops as often. While this can be a challenge at first, having to buy different ingredients is an opportunity to try some exciting new recipes or liven up the flavours of an old favourite. Snoopie recently tried this tasty-looking crustless quiche and enjoyed her batch-cooked chilli with a jacket potato instead of rice.

Chilli baked potato - snoopie_sw - Slimming World Blog

Keep on moving

As well as supporting your weight loss, getting active has lots of amazing benefits, like reducing stress and improving your mood – both incredibly important at the moment, so try to take advantage of the government’s advice to get some exercise outside once a day if you can. Walking, jogging and running are the perfect solitary, open-air activities, so whack on those headphones and head for an open space. Snoopie recently finished her Couch to 5k programme, despite never running before – and she feels brilliant for it!

Body Magic - snoopie_sw - Slimming World Blog

If you’re not able to get out of the house for a run (or brisk walk) at the moment, there’s lots of ways you can stay active indoors (keep your eyes on the blog for our ideas coming soon!). Whether you’re dusting off the exercise bike or joining in with an online workout, taking 15 minutes or more to get your heart rate up will leave you feeling good for the rest of the day.

How can we help you?

Is there a slimming challenge that you’re struggling with at the moment? Email to let us know what you’d like to see on the blog and we’ll do our best to help!

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