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Many of us are feeling more worried and anxious than usual, and this could affect the choices we make. It’s easy to slip into old habits around food and drink as routine goes out of the window, and it may be more difficult to stay active. Keeping a healthy routine so that you stay fit and well is especially important right now, though, so getting support to manage your emotional health is essential.

Compassion, care and understanding are at the very heart of what Slimming World do, and we’re passionate about supporting members to make healthy changes to improve their mental wellbeing and their physical health. That’s why we are continuing our support for Public Health England’s Every Mind Matters campaign, which aims to change the way we think about mental health and empower us to take positive steps to help ourselves and each other. And it’s why we’re sharing the new expert tips and guidance on managing mental wellbeing during the coronavirus outbreak, including:

10 tips to help if you’re worried about Coronavirus

Looking after children and young people

7 simple ideas to tackle working from home

Mental wellbeing while staying at home

It seems that we’re in royally good company too, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also shown their support for the campaign by voicing the new Every Mind Matters video

Within the Every Mind Matters online toolkit, you’ll also find a quick five-question quiz that you can take to create a personalised wellbeing plan. We love the health-boosting ideas – from eating well and being active to enjoying more me-time and building supportive relationships – all things that we support our members with every day.

We know that being unhappy with our weight can lead to self-criticism, shame and low self-esteem, while things like stress, poor sleep patterns and low moods can all affect our eating habits. Every Mind Matters can help with a practical plan to break this cycle, suggesting simple ways to look after ourselves and support others. 

Take the quiz and create your personal Every Mind Matters Mind Plan here.

We hope that sharing the Every Mind Matters resources will give you another support tool and help you stay committed to the healthier life you’re building for yourself. 

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