Changing the way we think about our mental health

Slimming World understands that looking after our mental health is essential for good overall health and wellbeing – so we’re delighted to be part of the new Mental Health campaign from Public Health England – Every Mind Matters.

We know that being unhappy with our weight can lead to self-criticism, shame and low self-esteem, while things like stress, poor sleep and low moods can all affect our eating habits. Every Mind Matters will help build a practical plan to break this cycle, suggesting simple ways to look after ourselves and support others. The ‘Your Mind Plan’ quiz tailors these tips to the things that most affect you. We love the health-boosting ideas - from eating well and being active to enjoying more me-time and building supportive relationships – all things that we support our members with every day.

Take the quiz and create your personal ‘Every Mind Matters’ Mind Plan here.

Mental health

Finding help and support

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem so whether you’ve been diagnosed with a specific condition or you feel you’re struggling to cope at the moment, recognising how you’re feeling and finding the right support can really help. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your mental health, talk to your GP or click on the links below for information on support where you live: