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When you decide to join Slimming World, you can rest assured that our plan is safe, effective and based on the science and psychology of slimming. We’re really proud of the research (five decades and counting!) that underpins our easy-to-follow method for losing weight and feeling healthier and happier. 

Combining their wide-ranging expertise and experience, our dietitians, registered nutritionists, data analysts and research scientists work together to ensure that the Slimming World plan develops in line with the latest advances and understanding in nutrition, health and weight management. Read on to get to know the team who spend their days converting that science to help your long-lasting slimming success… 

Slimming World health research and nutrition team

From top left: Alex Clark, Sarah Bennett, Rhianne Sambrook, Aron Preece, Jemma Donovan
From bottom left: Laura Nolan, Emily Young, Evie Lovell, Carolyn Pallister, Laura Holloway, Jennifer Kent, Amanda Avery

Carolyn Pallister BSc RD – head of nutrition, research and health 

I’m a dietitian and I’ve been at Slimming World for more than 17 years. I first came here on a student placement – and I enjoyed it so much, they couldn’t get me to leave! My love of food and interest in health set me on the path to becoming a dietitian, and I feel lucky that I get to work with such a talented team, whose focus is on ensuring the support we provide to members is the most advanced and effective out there. 

In my spare time, I love cooking for friends and family and eating out (yes, I’m talking about food again!), walking my dog, Pixie, with the kids, and going to yoga and Zumba classes with friends. 

Dr Amanda Avery PhD RD – health and research consultant dietitian 

I’ve been a dietitian for more than 30 years and, alongside my role here at Slimming World, I also work at the University of Nottingham as an associate professor, helping to train future dietitians. 

Outside of work, I’m the proud mother of three sons, although they’re all in their 20s now, and very independent. I’m also a dairy farmer’s wife and live down a bumpy mile-long track, so I’d like to think I’m still relatively fit and agile for my age!   

Evie Lovell BSc RNutr– food data nutritionist 

Nutrition is an ever-changing environment and we’re all dedicated to staying abreast of the latest research and sorting the science from the slimming myths. My role involves making sure our frozen food range meals (available from Iceland in the UK, and Dunnes Stores in the Republic of Ireland) showcase Food Optimising beautifully, and keeping our much-loved barcode scanner working smoothly. 

When I’m not at work, I love exploring, whether that’s discovering new places to eat or finding new scenic walks (I may live in the city, but I’m a country girl at heart). 

Jennifer Kent MNutr RD – dietitian 

One of my earliest childhood memories is baking cakes with my nanna, and my love of food, nutrition and health started then. I graduated as a dietitian in 2018, and these days my role involves making sure our health and dietary advice is up to date, and facilitating the research that ensures the support we give members is the best it can be! 

Outside of work, I’m happiest when I’m exploring the great outdoors with my dog, Sprocket, cuddling my cats, Meeko and Enki, watching live music or adding to my ever-growing collection of house plants. 

Yes you can at Christmas with Slimming World.

Joe Toon BSc– research analyst 

As a member of the British Psychological Society, I understand that how we think and what we feel can have a big impact on our overall health. It’s my job to help gather, process and analyse our research data – pulling together the facts from our stats and sharing them with the wider world. 

When I’m not inside the world of research, you’ll probably find me up a climbing wall or out for a walk with our dog, Miley, so she can add to her stick collection! 

Dr Sarah Bennett PhD RNutr– senior research associate 

I was so excited to work at Slimming World that I moved from Belfast to Derbyshire for the role! As a registered nutritionist with a background in research, my favourite part of the job is attending conferences to learn about the latest obesity research findings.   

In my spare time, you’ll find me shopping for bargains or cheering on my beloved football team – Northern Ireland, of course! 

Alex Clark MSc RNutr – senior nutritionist  

As a registered nutritionist, I enjoy combining my love of food, nutrition science and psychology while supporting people to eat well and achieve their goals. Being up to speed on the latest research is an essential part of keeping the Food Optimising plan healthy, balanced and effective. I also love producing resources that are packed with ideas and inspiration. 

When I’m not talking about or eating food, I love music (especially seeing my favourite bands live or singing along to Disney tunes with my little girl), getting lost in a good book and working out with friends. 

Dr Jemma Donovan PhD– research manager 

I’ve come full circle in my career! I originally worked as a university researcher, then trained as a Slimming World Consultant, and now I feel like I’m where I truly belong, as a research manager at Slimming World’s head office. I help to provide the scientific evidence base for our Consultants and members, so that everyone gets the best quality of service and enjoys success on their weight loss journeys. I’m also a mum to three boys and I love spending time with my family.  

Emily Young BSc RNutr – food data manager 

My long-held fascination with all things food, nutrition and activity has, over the years, led me to roles in the fitness industry, food manufacturing and public health research. I joined Slimming World as the food data manager in 2013, which is a dream job for a foodie like me, as I’m constantly exploring new products, ingredients and recipes.  

In my free time, I like to unwind on walks in the Peak District, make my own greetings cards and visit friends and family. 

Laura Nolan BSc RNutr  nutritionist 

Before coming to Slimming World, I worked in health promotion and weight management in the NHS and for local authority organisations. Being a registered nutritionist, I love helping people to improve their diets and reach their lifestyle goals, as well as converting nutritional science into practical, useful information.   

Outside of work, I love exploring new places, going for cocktails with friends and upcycling old furniture for my home.  

Rhianne Sambrook BSc ANutr – food data nutritionist 

I joined Slimming World after finishing my nutrition degree in 2020, and I feel so fortunate that my role allows me to combine my love of food, nutrition and cooking, all while supporting members to lose weight. Staying knowledgeable about new products, recipes and eating trends means there’s always a food chat going on in our team – which I really enjoy! 

On weekends, I’m happiest when I’m practising yoga, going for a long walk or having a sangria and paella night with friends. 

Laura Holloway MSc – research associate 

I’ve worked in research since finishing university, with a career that’s spanned pharmaceuticals, market research and working in the NHS. But I’ve really found my feet since working at Slimming World! My background is in health psychology, and I love designing research projects and sharing our findings far and wide.  

Out of the office, I love going on adventures with my daughter (anything with nice views, animals or roller coasters is a winner for me!) and heading out for drinks with friends.    

Aron Preece MSc ANutr – food data assistant 

I joined Slimming World after completing my master’s degree. Before that, I swam competitively for a number of years, and that – along with my passion for helping others – drove my move to work in nutrition and health. 

As a food data assistant, I review, update and input new products on our database, and ensure members receive an accurate result when they use the barcode scanner or Food Search tools. 

In my spare time, you’ll find me in the gym, boogieing away on a night out or coaching the future stars of swimming (I couldn’t get away from it entirely!). 

Natalie Edwards BScfood data specialist 

I got the offer to join Slimming World on the day I graduated from university – what a day! I feel so lucky that my role has allowed me to explore my interests in food, nutrition and data. I love hearing the ‘what’s for tea?’ chat in the office, as it inspires me to try new foods and recipes at home. 

I’m a mum to two little girls and I also have a miniature schnauzer called Jeff. We love exploring the outdoors, and finding those all-important dog-friendly cafe stops along the way! 

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BSc – bachelors of science  
MSc – Masters of science  
MNutr – Masters of nutrition 
RD – registered dietitian  
RNutr – registered nutritionist  
ANutr – associate nutritionist 

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