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Many of us would like to be more active, but our everyday demands and commitments can get in the way. Slimming World’s Carolyn Pallister offers her advice on how to fit activity into a busy day. 

Sarah Harbert, 51, has lost 3st 7lbs as a Slimming World Online member. She had this question for us…  

“I work three or four 12-hour shifts in a care home every week and, after a day on my feet, when I get home at 8pm I just want to collapse on the sofa. On my days off, I’ll take the dog out for a walk, but on the other days I don’t do anything, so I’m struggling to make activity a daily habit. I also really love line dancing, and I’m sad that I can’t commit to a regular class as my shift patterns change from week to week. My job is physically and emotionally demanding yet so rewarding, and I’ve found the long days easier since losing 3½st with Slimming World Online. I still have another 1st 7lbs to go, though, and I’m sure being more active would be a big help as I get closer to my target. Please help me to find some ways to fit in more exercise!” 

Expert spotlight 

Slimming World expert Carolyn Pallister

Carolyn Pallister is a registered dietitian and head of nutrition, research and health at Slimming World.

Carolyn says: 

“Well done, Sarah – as you’re on your feet at work all day, the chances are you’re already clocking up more physical activity than you think! Counting your steps with a fitness app or tracker can be a big motivator, particularly if you aim for a realistic daily target. Then, if you’re, say, 1,000 steps short of your goal when you get home from work, that could just be the spur you need to take the dog round the block before you hit the sofa. Aiming for Slimming World’s Body Magic awards can be a great incentive, too.  

There are lots of ways to ease yourself into being more active, such as leaving your trainers by the front door, so you feel more inclined to head out for that walk. Or if you’d rather stay home, there are plenty of Slimming World activity videos available online to members, and some are only five or 10 minutes long. Remember, every little bit helps! As an online member, checking in regularly with Slimming World’s online Community could be a motivational boost for you. Other members are a hive of information and realistic ideas, and will provide heaps of support along the way.  

Breaking everything down into smaller chunks makes it much easier – then you’re just looking for ways to build quick bursts of activity into your day. So if you get a break at work, a 10-minute walk in the fresh air is enough to get your heart rate up and can help lift your mood and clear your head. Then, when you have more time on your non-working days, you can try out different activities to find other things you might enjoy. You spend all day looking after other people, but it’s so important that you look after yourself as well.” 

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Expert activity support for everyone 

Whether you’re already active or you’d like help to take that very first step, Slimming World’s physical activity programme meets you where you are right now. As a member, you’ll also enjoy access to our full get-fit tool kit, which includes:  

  • expert support to help you recognise then overcome any personal barriers  
  • more than 90 fun, easy-to-follow activity videos and a series of guided walking podcasts Body Magic awards to celebrate your progress  
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