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If you’re a Slimming World member, you’ll know that sharing your weight loss journey with others can help you see even better results on the scales (and if you’re not a member yet, you can find your local group here 😉). But did you know that teaming up is also a great way to help your fitness plans take flight?

Slimming World’s Summer of Love campaign is all about harnessing the power of friendship, and tapping into the support of a Body Magic buddy could send you soaring towards the brilliant health and wellbeing benefits that moving more can bring. Here’s how…

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Magic for… strengthening friendships

A recent study by the University of Oxford found that exercising in a group builds strong bonds because coordinated movements encourage feelings of togetherness. Any moderate-intensity activity that raises your breathing and heart rate and makes you feel warmer while still being able to hold a conversation counts towards your Body Magic awards – so you can enjoy a good old catch-up while working towards your fitness goals.

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⚽ Magic for… making activity more fun

Research shows that people who work out with friends say they enjoy it more than those who exercise alone. Plus, it opens up a whole world of activities to try – from racket sports such as tennis, badminton and squash, to team games like football, water polo and netball.

Lou Bolton smiling on a pier with friend

Lou (@sw_run_love_repeat) enjoys her morning run so much more when her friend comes along, too!

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🧘🏽‍♂️Magic for… your mental health

We already know that regular activity is brilliant for our wellbeing, setting off a cascade of powerful chemical responses in our bodies that leave us feeling calmer, more confident and in a much better mood. Well, those benefits are increased when exercise involves spending time with supportive people. According to one study, for every club you belong to – which includes sport teams and, of course, your supportive Slimming World group – your happiness can be boosted by as much as 9%.

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💪 Magic for… your motivation

No one wants to feel like they’ve let someone down, so if we arrange to meet a mate for a walk or book an exercise class, we’re far more likely to keep that commitment. In fact, research by the University of Aberdeen found that if you team up with an exercise buddy, you’re likely to be more active than if you go it alone – especially if it’s someone you can rely on for emotional support. Plus, a bit of friendly competition can give your motivation an extra boost.

Slimming World Consultant smiling and waving with three friends

@slimmingworldtipp got a Body Magic boost when her friends joined her for an 18k run.

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🤗 Magic for… feeling supported

When you’re trying to make a lasting lifestyle change, it’s normal to hit obstacles along the way. And, let’s face it, some days you just want to take it easy! At those times, a bit of encouragement from a friend can give you the lift you need to get moving. It also means you get to celebrate your successes with someone who understands and shares your goal. You’ll find all of this and more in your Slimming World group – where you’re surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people, cheering you on every step of the way.

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💡 Magic for… getting inspired

Research also shows that friends inspire us to try new things – and mixing up your routine is a sure-fire way to keep Body Magic interesting. Slimming World groups are a hotbed of activity ideas and tips on how to make moving more a habit you enjoy.

Natalie and friend walking in Kew Gardens

Natalie (@natalie96_sw) enjoyed a brisk stroll through Kew Gardens with her buddy.

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