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It’s been an activity-packed couple of weeks, as we’ve been revving up our Body Magic moves for our month-long It’s a Kind of Magic challenge. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned so far, it’s that Slimming World members really like to move it, move it! Whether they’re following our daily exercise videos on the members-only website or freestyling their own Body Magic moves, our members have been enjoying a summer filled with activity, while discovering the amazing benefits of moving more.

We’re just getting warmed up, too, so there’s still plenty of time if you’d like to join in with the fitness fun at your local group or Slimming World Online. And because our It’s a Kind of Magic challenge is all about filling you with move-more motivation, here’s a look at some of the brilliant #BodyMagicMoments our members are enjoying…

victoria-Body Magic moments-slimming world blog

Slimming World Consultant Victoria (@swvictoriachelmsford), who has maintained her 3½st weight loss for an incredible 10 years, uses her activity time to take a much-needed screen break and she shared this wonderful snap of herself during her post-work run. She said: “Sums up how a 20-minute run in the rain makes you feel.”


Victoria isn’t the only one who’s been basking in that after-run glow. @kays_sw has lost 1st 4lbs and jumped for joy when she finished a 20-minute run for the first time while following the Couch to 5K app.

Who says you need lots of expensive kit to get fit? Member Anna has been using tins from her kitchen as makeshift weights while following our daily exercise videos in her living room.

She says: “Loving the different workouts each day. Thank you Slimming World!”


Sharon knows that becoming more active isn’t about pushing yourself to the limit with tough online workouts or long-distance runs (unless you want to, of course); any activity that makes you feel warmer and speeds up your breathing and heart rate will do the trick. That means a brisk walk is perfect Body Magic – and all that fresh air could help to give your mental health a boost, too.


After losing 13st 6lbs, Andy (@the_skateboarding_mamil) recently took advantage of a sunny day to perform some flips and tricks around his local skatepark (captured mid-motion by Nathan Livingston). If, like me, you’re not quite brave enough to tackle a halfpipe, pulling on a pair of rollerskates or getting your hands on an adult scooter are fun activities that’ll count towards your Body Magic goals.


Whether you fancy yourself as a lone rider like Damian or you want to get active with the kids, busting your bike out of the shed or garage is a great way to enjoy Body Magic this summer. And if you’re back at work and it’s within cycling distance, travelling by bike will fit more activity into your day, as well as helping you avoid public transport.

Whatever your fitness fit, we’re here to help you find it – and the brilliant Body Magic moments that our members are sharing show that we can still enjoy an action-packed summer, even in these strange circumstances. You can join in the fun, too! Just ask your Consultant about Body Magic in group, or log on to our members-only website where you’ll find lots of inspiring Body Magic ideas to help you start your journey towards a stronger, fitter, slimmer and healthier you.

Whether you’re stepping in sync with your fellow slimmers or enjoying some Body Magic on your own, we’d love to see what’s getting you moving this month. Share your It’s a Kind of Magic moments with us on the blog or on social (#BodyMagicMoments).

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