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Would you like to be more active? In a way that works for you? Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme is all about finding workouts you enjoy and building fitness in around your lifestyle.

Read on to discover how we can support you to create the healthy habits that will help you stay fit, strong and healthy for life.

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With Slimming World, yes you can…

Change your mindset around exercise

We all have different likes, dislikes, misconceptions, experiences and fears when it comes to working out – and at Slimming World, we really do understand.

Our expert-backed Body Magic programme gives you the tools and support you need to overcome any personal barriers that are stopping you from taking your first step.

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Increase your fitness know-how

There’s so much fake news out there about exercise, and that can make it even harder to get started.

Your Slimming World Consultant will help you sort fact from fiction and give you all the info on what’s safe, what counts and how much to do, so you can get going with confidence.

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Build up at your own pace

Going too hard too soon is likely to put us off before we’ve had a chance to experience the wonderful benefits of Body Magic – and that can reinforce the belief that we’re ‘just not an active person’.

With our activity plan, success comes from doing a little bit more than you currently do – no matter what your starting point is or how small those steps are.

Once you’ve made a change and it’s become a habit, you’ll be supported to gradually increase the amount you do, so that fitness slowly becomes a natural, enjoyable part of your life.

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Fit activity into a busy lifestyle

As much as we’d like to be more active, everyday demands and commitments can get in the way of our plans.

In your Slimming World group or on our app or website, you’ll learn techniques that help you get going – and keep going, no matter how hectic things are.

You’ll also find ways to be active that slot in with your current routine, so you don’t have to give anything up or feel like you’re missing out.

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Take the first step to a fitter, healthier you

When you join Slimming World, you’ll gain access to our full Body Magic tool kit. It has everything you need to level up your activity, including:

  • the Slimming World app and website – home to our activity tracker, exercise guides and fitness-themed podcasts
  • more than 90 workout videos to suit all abilities, ranging from five to 30 minutes in length
  • mindset-shifting, strategy-packed online articles, to get you off the starting blocks and make moving more a regular part of your week
  • our unique FITT log, to help you identify and overcome any personal obstacles
  • motivating Body Magic awards, to inspire you through your fitness journey and celebrate your achievements
Free Take 5 recipe book worth £4.95/€7.95
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