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The supermarket can be a tricky place to visit if you want to lose weight – especially at this time of year, when the shelves are stacked with seasonal treats. 

At Slimming World, we make it easy to navigate the aisles in slimming style, by swerving the danger zones and filling your trolley with delicious food that fits in perfectly with our Food Optimising plan. 

You’ll get bags of tips and trigger-taming shopping support in your Slimming World group and on our member websites. Here’s a speedy supermarket sweep to get you started… 

Perfect your planning 

You might be a ‘pop to the shop after work’ kind of person, working out what you need as you wander the aisles. Or are you prepped with a list but easily distracted by deals when you get there? If you’re shopping to slim, planning ahead is a smart strategy. 

As a Slimming World member, you’ll get access to handy planning tools that make being prepared a breeze – including a set of 7-day meal plans (with meat and fish, vegetarian, vegan and store-cupboard versions). 

Top tip: Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. There’s just too much temptation and it will put you under enormous pressure.  

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Load up on Free Foods first 

With no weighing, measuring or counting to worry about, Slimming World Free Foods are the easiest, most hassle-free way to satisfy your appetite and slim down. Head for these hot spots in your supermarket… 

Linger by the fruit and veg 

Pile your basket high with a good variety of Free Food – which includes fresh fruit, veg, potatoes and salad. Veggies are also great for bulking out stews, soups, stir-fries, curries and casseroles – helping to stretch your shopping budget a bit further. 

Chill out in the fridge and freezer aisles 

You’ll find lots of great Free Food choices here – including lean meat (choose 5% fat or less mince), many meat replacements, fish and frozen veg.   

Top tip: Choosing protein-packed Free Foods will keep you feeling fuller for longer and ward off those snack attacks. Slimming World members can use the Food Search tool or barcode scanner for an easy, speedy supermarket shop. 

Stop off at the shelves 

There’s loads to love on the dried and canned aisles, including pasta, rice, noodles and lentils. Choose plain varieties to keep things Free. Yes, you can stock up on tins of baked beans, tomatoes, vegetables, chickpeas and fish canned in water or brine. 

Of course, other supermarket staples – things like milk, wholemeal bread, eggs, cereals and much more – fit into the Food Optimising plan perfectly. And you don’t have to avoid the biscuit or booze aisles completely! Use our Food Search tool or barcode scanner to make slim-friendly choices. Plus, our members get so many great recipes and smart supermarket swaps in group or on our websites. 

A trip to the shops shouldn’t be a trial. We’ll help you become supermarket savvy, so you can stock up for the week and still bag a brilliant result on the scales. 

More for members: Slimming World members can read the full aisle-by-aisle guide to shopping the Food Optimising way here 

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