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Many of us are looking at how to cut the amount of gas and electricity that we use – and getting creative with our cooking methods is one simple way of doing it. Here’s where the humble microwave comes in! This brilliantly budget-friendly appliance can drastically reduce the cooking time on lots of meals, saving £££s on your energy bills.

Microwave times may vary, depending on your model/settings.  

Slimming World microwave recipes  

Full English breakfast – 4 mins in the microwave 

This Syn-free Full English uses just one plate, so saves on the washing-up, too! 

Simple soup – 5 mins in the microwave 

Chicken and noodles make this dish soup-er satisfying. 

Salmon pizzaiolo – 3½ mins in the microwave 

This fish dish is a doddle! Serve with a simple salad or microwaved veg. 

Jacket potato with mixed beans – 10 mins in the microwave 

A simple spud can take more than an hour in the oven – or mere minutes in the microwave. Top with mixed beans for a quick, Free and easy meal. 

Jacket potato with mixed beans and salad-student recipes-slimming world blog

Ratatouille – 6 minutes in the microwave 

Making ratatouille on the hob can be an hour-long job. Our veggie stew makes a super-speedy supper. 

Creole prawns – 4 minutes in the microwave 

Transform your leftover rice into a nicely spiced dinner with a ‘ding!’. 

Mug cakes – 30 seconds in the microwave 

Pop the kettle on – these budget-friendly bakes will be ready in minutes. 

Chocolate mug cake with sparkler

Save with Slimming World 

We’re here to help you shop, cook and eat in a way that suits your lifestyle, including working within your weekly budget. Our groups will give you great money-saving ideas and low-cost recipes, so you can save while you slim.  

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