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In my pre-Slimming World days, I lost count of the times I’d started a diet on 1st January, only for it to end by the 31st! Losing weight back then seemed like an endurance test, a race between how soon I’d see results and how long I could stick it out. I’d spend the whole month feeling as dreary as the weather, saying no to my favourite foods and going to bed with a rumbling tummy.

Since finding Slimming World 🙌I’ve realised that there’s a much kinder way to lose weight – a way that fits with busy back-to-work January, finishing off the Christmas chocs, and the practicalities of real life – so the lbs melt away without any feelings of deprivation.

As for continuing into 2020 with that slimming mojo fully intact, that’s the very thing the January/February Slimming World Magazine looks at in its article Find your slimming mindset. There’s even a quiz to help you identify any barriers to staying motivated.

The magic really happens when you find an incentive that works for you. We’ve delved into some of the power-up tips loved by members – and we’d love to hear yours!

Motivation masterclass

Soak up support

A Slimming World group is the place for sharing ideas, successes and achievements. It’s also a place to visit when things aren’t going so well and you need words of support and reassurance – with absolutely no judgement or humiliation. You’ll also find a warm welcome, with support in spades in our Slimming World Online Community. Encouragement from friends and family is essential too – it’s invaluable to feel supported, and have a friendly listening ear if your motivation starts to slip.

Here’s Consultant David (@davidslimworld) with his group’s Target Member of the Year, Linda

Stick up a fridge photo

A pic in a prominent place – whether it’s of you at your slimmest, your children, or even a celeb you admire – can offer a reminder of what you’re striving for.

@sw_mum_of_boys made this gorgeous inspiration board filled with family pics, ‘before’ pics, ideas for non-food rewards and favourite meals. She says: ‘I love how visual it is as it really helps me focus on what matters to be about my weight loss journey’.

Have an incentive

Little rewards for weight loss, such as a new outfit, a day out, or a new gadget, can really fuel motivation. Some members even like to add money to a jar for every lb lost!

@big_ben_to_slim_ben, who’s lost a fantastic 10st with Slimming World has a whole gallery of shiny award stickers to keep him motivated! And check out @nikole_does_sw’s pinboard filled with weight loss certificates!

It’s not just the numbers on the scales that count, either. Did you get up early to exercise, or take a healthy lunch to work all week? Then you did well! Don’t just let it go – have a mini celebration. Little pats on the back can mean a lot.

Keep your eye on the prize

Research has shown that slimmers who are ‘realistically optimistic’ – confident about reaching their goal, but aware that the going might get tough – lose an average of 24lbs more than those who are confident and think it will be easy. Finding coping strategies (which is what group support can help with so brilliantly) means you’re less likely to be caught off guard if it happens.

If you’re looking for lasting weight loss, you’ll find a whole world of support waiting at your local Slimming World group – or join our vibrant online community. Discover ‘that Slimming World feeling’ for yourself!

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