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We all experience times when we feel like we’ve lost a little of the determination that started us on our weight loss journey. With a deep understanding of the psychology of slimming and 51 years’ experience supporting our members through their low moments, we’re here whenever you need a helping hand to kick-start your slimming oomph. 

In your local Slimming World group, you’ll find all the help and inspiration you need to overcome any barriers and relight your weight loss fire, including practical tools  – like the food diary in Consultant Vicky’s(@slimmingworldvickygalvin) photo above  – and science-based strategies to supercharge your results on the scales. Here are five ways in which our members have boosted their waning willpower to get back into a positive slimming state of mind…

Go back to your books

Every Slimming World group member receives a pack of books explaining our flexible, easy-to-follow Food Optimising eating plan, our Body Magic activity programme and the support you can expect in group – plus a handy ‘getting started’ guide and diary to help you have an amazing first six weeks. These books are a treasure trove of tips and tools to help you get back onto the right slimming track!

Slimming World books

Follow member Amy’s (@thequirkymushroomkitchen) lead and go back to your books, and we guarantee you’ll discover something new!

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Fill your freezer

Many of our members find that planning and preparation are key to keeping them slimming successfully, and having a stash of pre-prepared healthy meals can be a lifesaver on those days when we’re busy, tired or just really can’t be bothered to cook. 

Slimming World lunches prepared for the week

Our member Maisie (@maisie_success_story) makes her lunches in advance for the week, which is a great way to make sure you’ve got something slimming-friendly to hand, even when your motivation may be low. 

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Tool up

When you join Slimming World, we’ll give you all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goals. That includes the personalised support of a fully trained Consultant, who will give you the know-how and power to form new healthy habits for life. You’ll also have access to an online weight loss planner and hundreds of helpful articles on our members-only website. Whatever obstacle you find yourself up against, we’ve got something in our tool kit to help you overcome it.

Slimming World member Jessica (@jessica.kate_sw) recently kick-started her Slimming World journey, saying, “My books are out, my lovely Consultant is on hand to give some amazing advice and a For and Against list has been written!”

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Focus on your goal

Our research shows that having an ambitious target increases your chance of success – in fact, in a study of 24,000 Slimming World members, those who set an ambitious target lost almost twice as much weight in a year as those aiming for a more modest figure. So don’t be afraid to go for exactly what you really want! Whether that’s a weight loss target or a non-scale victory (like feeling healthier, sleeping better or just slipping into that perfect pair of jeans!), we can help you get there. 

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Let go of guilt

Not many slimming pathways are completely smooth! It’s normal to hit bumps along the way, and feeling bad about them can lead to a negative cycle which could damage your progress long term. When you have a slimming slip-up (which we all do from time to time), we’re here to help get you back into a positive place and making those choices that will leave you feeling great.

Emma (@elfyeating) is feeling fantastic after her first official weigh-in on the Slimming World scales, saying, “I found slimming so tough during lockdown and used it as an excuse to treat myself a bit too often with food and alcohol. Still, there’s a light at the end of that tunnel and it felt so good to be back in the old Saturday morning routine!”  

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