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If you’d love to be more active this August, our ‘It’s a Kind of Magic!’ challenge is here to help. We’re sharing weekly workout timetables for Slimming World members, packed with exclusive standing and seated activity videos – plus fitness-themed podcasts to keep you company on your walks.  

There’s something for everyone, from dance videos thatʼll get you bopping about, to stretching sessions with a more chilled-out vibe. Pick and choose from the different daily workouts to build your own personal programme.   

Click for this week’s timetable and to take part! 

Our unique Body Magic activity programme will support you to get active in whichever way you choose. Maybe a family bike ride or game of badminton are more your bag? Perhaps a stroll to the end of the street will clock up more steps than before? At Slimming World, it’s all about getting active at your own pace, to suit your level of fitness, doing activities that you enjoy. 

Discover more about Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme here  

Our members are loving moving more this summer! Let’s look at what types of activity are ticking their Body Magic boxes…  

Sandra’s wheelie happy with her new Body Magic routine.   

Slimming World member Sandra riding a bike

Losing 9st 12lbs gave Aaron the confidence to cool off with a swim. 

Slimming World member Aaron swimming in a waterfall

Samantha’s kick-boxing her way out of her fitness comfort zone! 

Slimming World member Sam kickboxing

Doing a Parkrun with her mum and daughter meant Lisa could combine activity with precious family time. 

Slimming World member Lisa running at the seaside

Lian’s riding high after mixing up her Body Magic at an equestrian centre. 

Slimming World Lian riding a horse

Following the Slimming World plan helped Sarah to lose the weight she put on during lockdown – and feel fantastic back at her strength-building pole class! 

Slimming World member Sarah pole dancing

 Meg borrowed a trampoline so she could enjoy those Body Magic benefits. 

Member Meg jumping on a trampoline in the garden.

A bodyboarding session with the kids is how Zoe kicked off her summer fitness campaign. 

Slimming World Zoe bodyboarding

Suzy’s armed and ready for a cracking upper-body workout. 

Slimming World member Suzy axe throwing

Busy mum Charlotte fits her fitness in when she can, with an amazing Body Magic mix of cycling, HIIT and strength training. 

Slimming World member Charlotte weight lifiting in the gym

Hollie’s swinging through summer with her amazing aerial hoop set-up. 

Slimming World member Hollie swinging on an aerial hoop

Get started with Slimming World 

Many of our members say that, when they first started on their weight loss journeys, doing exercise felt like an impossible task. With Slimming World support, though, they’ve built up their activity at their own pace – and they’re loving the brilliant Body Magic benefits their new lifestyles bring. If they can do it, you can, too!  

The full Slimming World get-fit tool kit includes:  

  • a totally tailorable programme, which will support you every step of the way on your journey to a more active lifestyle 
  • our FIT log tool, to record your activity and any goals, challenges and strategies 
  • Body Magic awards to celebrate your achievements 
  • an online activity planner, to track your workouts and help you move towards your next Body Magic award 
  • activity-themed articles on the member website about everything from starting out to getting fit for free 
  • exclusive workout videos and podcasts to help you get active at home 
  • advice and encouragement in group or our supportive online Community, to help you overcome any barriers and make activity a healthy habit for life 

Find out more about joining Slimming World here 

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