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At Slimming World, we know that this time of year presents its own weight loss challenges. With temperatures rising and maybe a holiday on the horizon, we’ve got a great idea to help you stay on track for a summer of looking and feeling fantastic.  

Build your board 

Use a pinboard, magnets on your fridge door, or stick pictures into a notebook. It doesn’t matter how you put it together, what’s important is that you find everything on it joyful, uplifting and motivating. Here are some suggestions for a bright and brilliantly inspiring board that’s personal to you:

Inspiration board

1. Tracking how many pounds you’ve lost helps you appreciate every little step – and there’s something so satisfying about moving a peg (or two) across each time the scales move!  

2. Is there an event you’re really looking forward to this summer, where you’d love to feel your best? Whether it’s a festival, a holiday or a wedding, a reminder of it on your board can help you keep your eyes on the prize.  

3. You can’t beat a Slimming World certificate or shiny sticker for an instant boost. Slimming World group members receive weight loss and activity certificates to mark those all-important milestones – pin yours up with pride and it will spur you on to the next one. 

4. Planning your meals, then buying what you need for the week is a proven way to set yourself up for success. Click here to download your printable planner.  

5. Rewarding yourself can supercharge your motivation – plan in a few fab buys for your holiday or event to give your treats a summer-themed spin.  

6. Pop a photo (or two, or three) on your board to represent what you’d love to achieve from weight loss. Is it a place you’ll go, the people you’ll have the energy to spend quality time with, something you’ll wear? Seeing your ‘why’ will spur you on.  

7. Add a quote or phrase that lifts your spirits and puts you into a positive mindset. Click here to download the postcard or write or print out any words that fire you up. Your summer of success starts here! 

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