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While cooking healthy, filling meals from scratch is at the heart of Food Optimising, we know that when you’re rushed off your feet, a ready meal can feel like the only option. It’s why we created the Slimming World food range, available exclusively at Iceland, so that you’re never too busy to enjoy a Food Optimising-friendly feast.

And this month we’ve got an extra-special offer to help you save as you slim. From today you can get three Slimming World meals for just £10! The offer lasts until 27th November 2022, so there’s still plenty of time to fill your trolley with your favourite food range dishes.

Before you take advantage of this delicious deal, here’s a run down of some of the fabulous feasts we’ve recently added to the food range family.

Meat the new kids!

Coronation chicken escalopes

Slimming World coronation chicken escalopes on a grey baking tray on a purple background

These succulent marinated chicken escalopes are oven-ready in just 30 minutes – ideal for a no-fuss meal with Slimming World chips and veggies.

ROYALLY GOOD: Find our coronation chicken escalopes recipe here

Garlic and herb chicken escalopes

Slimming World garlic and herb chicken escalopes in a white pot on a brown background

Juicy chicken marinated in a creamy garlic and herb sauce – our weeknight wonder is packed with flavour.

RULE THE ROOST: Find our garlic and herb chicken escalopes recipe here

Indian nights

King prawn bhuna

Slimming World king prawn bhuna on a grey platter on a light grey background

A saucy number made with onion, garlic and ginger sizzled in an array of spices. Soak up that delicious bhuna flavour with pilau rice and veg.

CURRY CLASSIC: Find our king prawn bhuna recipe here

Aloo gobi

Slimming World aloo gobi in a grey pan on a blue background

With chunks of roasted potatoes, cauliflower and red pepper, smothered in an aromatic sauce, this vegan dish is sensational as a side or even as the main event of your fakeaway feast.

TAKE ALOO-K: Find our aloo gobi recipe here

Fantastic fusion

Smoked haddock kedgeree

Slimming World smoked haddock kedgeree in a grey pot on a light blue background

A flavoursome blend of brown and long-grain rice, smoked haddock, red pepper, egg, green beans and subtle spices – super filling for breakfast, brunch or dinner.

KEDGEREE GLEE: Find our smoked haddock kedgeree recipe here

Chicken tikka lasagne

Slimming World chicken tikka lasagne in a white tray on a pink background

Who wouldn’t want a little heat between the (lasagne 😉) sheets? This must-try dish is a bold flavour fusion of chicken tikka-inspired ragù, lasagne layers and a lightly spiced topping.

TIKKA TIME: Find our chicken tikka lasagne recipe here

Look who’s back…

Teriyaki salmon

Slimming World teriyaki salmon on a black pan on a grey background

Delicate salmon fillets teamed with a tasty teriyaki sauce. Just add noodles and your favourite veg for a dreamy dinner.

REEL IT IN: Find our teriyaki salmon recipe here

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