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There’s no better place to get that incredible ‘Slimming World feeling’ than at your local group. It’s where you’ll meet other friendly slimmers, all at different stages of their journeys, and swap recipes ideas, share inspiring stories and celebrate your success on the scales (with shiny awards along the way!). It’s also the place to be when things aren’t going so well and you need help and encouragement – with absolutely no judgement or humiliation.

If you’re thinking about coming along to your local Slimming World group, let our members give you a sneak peek of what to expect when you first walk through those doors…

‘That feeling’ of total support

Joining a Slimming World group means surrounding yourself with support from the very first day of your weight loss journey, and it’s the key to slimming success. Your Consultant, and of course your fellow slimmers, will be cheering you on all the way, whether that means offering a friendly ear to listen when you’re struggling or celebrating your amazing achievements. Just look at how delighted Marian (@marian_sw_williams) was when her member achieved his target weight recently:

What happens in group? - Slimming World Blog

She says: “10 weeks! Two stone! TARGET! The powers of Food Optimising, IMAGE Therapy, commitment to change and the support of a beautiful lady at home!”

‘That feeling ’ of discovering delicious new recipes

Because our eating plan is all about filling up on healthy, everyday foods – what we call our fantastic Free Foods – you’ll never be short of inspiration for delicious dinners you’ll love. Our lovely members are full of tasty meal ideas, healthy food swaps and clever cooking tips for when you fancy trying something new or need a boost to help you out of a slimming rut. Jason was sold on Food Optimising as soon as he realised no food was off the menu, including his favourite chicken tikka masala.

He says: “I love chatting with the other members each week about the new family recipes we’ve tried and swapping tips for the week ahead – my slow-cooker chilli and chilli lasagne are famous in my group!”

‘That feeling’ of fantastic friendship

You’ll find everyone you meet in a Slimming World group is really warm and friendly, so don’t be surprised if you quickly gain a whole new bunch of friends. Not only will your new slimming squad cheer you on when you’re doing well, they’ll also offer a friendly ear to listen when you’ve had a challenging week. Our members often tell us that they can’t wait to go to group to see their mates, messaging them during the week and even teaming up for on-plan nights out! Cher (@chersslimmingworldtottenham) and her members combined a trip to the bingo hall with a spot of promotion for her Tottenham Slimming World group.

What happens in group? - Slimming World Blog

‘That feeling’ of pure pride

Recognising your achievements is so important, and we believe every slimming success is worth shouting about. You’ll get an award for every half a stone you lose, and each week the person who has lost the most weight will be crowned Slimmer of the Week! We’ll also acknowledge the weight loss boosting activity you’re getting stuck into with our special Body Magic awards. Trust us when we say you’ll be surprised by how great it feels every time you receive a shiny new certificate.

Emma (@slowly_shrinking_blondie) was delighted when she received her 17st award in her Slimming World group:

She says: “Finally got this beaut tonight! Over the flipping moon after a few maintains. I definitely got my happy dance on and had a photo with my lovely Consultant.”

‘That feeling’ of getting in control

When the going gets tough, that’s when you’re Slimming World group really gets behind you. If you’re struggling, your group is a safe place for you to work through slimming solutions with absolutely no judgement or humiliation. We’ll help you spot where you could be sabotaging your slimming, identify triggers to watch out for and the danger zones to avoid to help you get back in the slimming groove.

‘That feeling’ of winning inspiration

There’s nothing more uplifting than seeing the success of real-life slimmers who know exactly what you’re going through. Our competitions give you the chance to celebrate the superstar slimmers in your group who you feel have inspired and motivated you to weight loss success (who knows, you might be a winner yourself!). Jo (@jofirth_sw) was incredibly proud to crown her group’s Mr Sleek and Miss Slinky winners:

What happens in group? - Slimming World Blog

She says: “Let me introduce you to our incredible Miss Slinky and Mr Sleek 2019. Becca and Craig have lost over 9st between them! They’re an inspiration to their fellow members each week in group and a huge support to them all.”

Have we inspired you to come along to a Slimming World group? Check out where to find your nearest group (or learn more about joining our friendly online community) and discover that very special ‘Slimming World feeling’ of togetherness for yourself.

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