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Yes you can get a great weight loss with Slimming World – even during the school holidays! We’re here to help make your half-term as fun-packed as possible, with lots of suggestions for slimming-friendly things to make and do (and many of them don’t cost a penny). 

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School holiday activities to try

Plan a big day out 

Spending a full day at a theme park or zoo can tot up a surprising number of steps. Many attractions open during ‘out of season’ school holidays, even if it’s just partially, and a quick look at the website will tell you how much there is to do that’s under cover (in case of February rain). 

Cost: Varies, depending on the attraction. Family or group tickets can be better value – or search online for discounts and voucher codes.  

Tackle a big dig 

If you’re thinking about getting your garden ready for spring, see if you can enlist some little helpers. Clearing, digging, weeding and planting seeds will mean you get to enjoy a spruced up outside space and reap the Body Magic benefits of a full-body workout. 

Slimming World member India digging

Slimming World Consultant India (@india.slimmingworld) and her boys enjoyed hiking and planting some trees while volunteering for a community project. 

Cost: Free! 

Visit a new playground 

Chasing the kids around and pushing swings will definitely get your heart rate going. If you’ve grown weary of your usual park, find somewhere new to re-spark the excitement. Ask on social media for local favourites, or search here – you could even set yourselves a challenge to visit a new park every day. 

Cost: Free! 

Make choc-apple lollies 

These sweet little lollipops add a slice of fun to your five-a-day. They’re so simple to make and you all get a healthy treat.

Slimming World chocolate covered apple slices

Cost: Low – raid your fruit bowl and just add chocolate and sprinkles! 

Level up your family walk 

Walking is free, you don’t need any equipment and it’s a great way to start your journey to being more active. Up the family-fun factor by taking scooters or bikes – or you could follow a trail through the woods looking for natural ‘treasures’. National Trust parks often offer scavenger hunts out of term time – or you can easily create your own (you’ll find lots of printables online). 

Cost: Free! 

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Enjoy the great indoors 

If the weather isn’t playing ball, have an adventure inside instead. Trampoline parks, soft play, laser tag, crazy golf, obstacle courses, tenpin bowling, climbing walls, indoor ski slopes… the list goes on and on. Local leisure centres often have special timetables during the holidays, too, which can include everything from roller-skating to badminton. And if you join in, you’ll give yourself a brilliant Body Magic boost.

Slimming World members at a trampoline park

Our member Cameron (@cameron_l_sw_) and his girlfriend Sue (@slimmingworldsue_), who’s a Slimming World Consultant, went trampolining with Sue’s son and bounced up a real sweat. 

Cost: Varies, depending on the activity. Sign up to the email mailing lists of any places you’re interested in, so you don’t miss out on special offers. 

Get in the swim 

It’s an energy-burning, body-toning, stress-busting activity that works every major muscle group without putting pressure on your joints – which is why it’s suitable for so many people. If little ones need a bit more to keep them occupied, a trip to a water park is a real treat – and an amazing option for a drizzly day.  

Cost: Varies, depending on the venue (though local leisure centre pools are usually cheaper than water parks). 

Let’s ride! 

Dry days are a perfect opportunity for a bike ride. If it’s been a while since you were last in the saddle, a flat cycle trail is the safest bet (you’ll find routes on the Sustrans website). If you’ve got really young children, you could hire a bike with a trailer or child seat. 

Cost: Free if you have your own bikes. 

Give them the runaround 

Organised running (or walking) events are brilliant for boosting your commitment to activity – they’re also great for discovering new routes and meeting other runners. Going along to a Parkrun is a good starting point, as there’s likely to be one near you and they offer junior events, too.  

Slimming World member Gemma Running with her children

Our Consultant Gemma (@dunston.lobleyhill.sw.with.gem) ran a Mini Great North Run with her kids – and has signed up for the Newcastle Race for Life this summer. If you’d like to give Race for Life a go, Slimming World is sponsoring this the events in 2023, and you can take part as a member – ask in group to find out how. 

Cost: Free! 

Eat lunch on the go 

Sweetcorn fritters with salsa

Taking a pack-up will cut the cost of a family day out – and it means you have full control over your choices. Slimming World members will find loads of tips and recipes for slim-safe lunch-box fillers – including low-Syn sandwiches, quick quiches and satisfying salads – on our exclusive member app and website. 

Find a lunch that packs a punch! 

Don’t forget, kids are welcome in group 

At Slimming World, we’re committed to giving you the help you need every week of the year – and you’re more than welcome to bring little ones, too. Come along to group this half-term to meet like-minded mums and dads and get lots of advice for slimming through those tricky school breaks. You’ll also find lots of school-holiday support on Slimming World Online, our digital-only service, which you can log onto whenever it suits you. 

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