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Whether it’s your ideal weight, a non-scale victory or the next step on your journey to a more active lifestyle, setting a goal can really supercharge your slimming journey.

At Slimming World, we want to help you achieve everything you strive for, and our success-securing tactics can help you turn those dreams into a reality.

6 strategies for success

1. Shoot for the moon

Research shows that slimmers who set their dream target weights at the start of their journeys lose almost twice as much weight as those with more modest or ‘realistic’ aims – so don’t be afraid to go for it!

Whichever number you choose, your Slimming World Consultant and friends in group will be with you every step of the way with ideas and encouragement.

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2. Believe it’s possible

Having confidence in your ability to lose weight will boost your results. It can help to think about achievements in other areas of your life and bank them as mental evidence which you can tap into if your conviction ever wobbles.

Sharing your experiences with like-minded slimmers in your Slimming World group will help free you from any feelings of guilt which may have chipped away at your self-belief. It’ll also raise your awareness of any deeply ingrained beliefs and habits you have around food, drink and activity.

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3. Make it about you

Goals that grow from personal reasons are much more motivating than those which are designed to gain someone else’s approval. That’s why no one at Slimming World will ever tell you what weight you should be. It’s your dream, and it’s absolutely your decision.

If you need help to pin down exactly why you want to reach your goal, your Consultant has a powerful set of tools designed to help you identify your motivation and overcome any hurdles.

Jodie sitting in a sleigh with her daughter and niece

Slimming World Consultant Jodie Etherson lost weight so she could be an active mum to her daughter and, this year, she had lots of fun taking her and her niece sledging in the snow!

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4. Use compassion power

It’s a myth that being hard on yourself is motivating. In fact, telling yourself things like ‘you’re hopeless’ or ‘you’ve got no willpower’ just erodes your self-esteem.

The people in your Slimming World group will genuinely care about your success and want you to do well. With their help, you’ll learn to turn down the volume on your inner critic and swap negative self talk for more positive pep talks!

FAST FACT: An incredible 91% of Slimming World members say that being a member makes them feel more positive about themselves.

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5. Set micro goals

Rewarding yourself for reaching smaller milestones gives you a sense of achievement while you’re working towards your big goal. It also helps to keep you going when things get challenging or it seems like nothing is changing.

We celebrate every step on your journey, and you’ll receive awards for each half stone you lose, plus Body Magic awards to mark the moves you’re making towards a more active lifestyle.

Suzy Summerhayes with two Slimming World members who are holding their weight loss certificates

Mother-and-daughter duo Louise and Megan were bursting with pride after they received their 9st and 6½st awards in group.

6. Keep your eye on the prize

Studies show that slimmers who are confident about their goals but accept there will probably be challenges along the way, lose 24lbs more on average.

If you ever hit a bump in the road, we’ll support you to get you back on track and keep your motivation firing – all the way to your dream weight.

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