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Hi, Nikki here. I’m one of the social media team at Slimming World Head Office – though, like lots of you, I’m still working from home right now!

While the last few months have been full of change – and with more change on the horizon as we ease out of lockdown together – one thing that has remained constant is how much support, encouragement and motivation there is in Slimming World’s social media community. I’ve especially loved seeing all the brilliant #BodyMagicMoments you’ve been sharing recently, as part of our It’s a Kind of Magic challenge.

It’s been inspiring to see so many of you getting active, even with the predictably unpredictable weather we’re having (do I need to carry my SPF50 or an umbrella?). So many of you have been enjoying our at-home virtual workouts that are available on our members’ site come rain or shine. You’ve also been snapping pics to share on social media to motivate your fellow slimmers – and me!

As we know, creating healthy habits for life is all about getting into a routine, so having easy-to-follow activities you can do at home means that Body Magic Moments can happen at any time. And seeing all your efforts through your workout pics has definitely given me the boost I needed to get active!

To keep that spirit of inspiration alive, I want to share just a few of the amazing social media posts from Slimming World members and Consultants that have had me reaching for my trainers and rummaging around for makeshift weights over the last few weeks…  

I love this picture that Consultant Kirsty (@savvy_slimmer) snapped halfway through one of our sessions. She says: “I picked up great tips on how to do exercises using a chair for balance… I really enjoyed it!”


Georgina (@georgina_slimworld) made the most of the warmer weather we’ve had by getting active outdoors. She says: “I did an early morning ‘Core Strength’ workout in the garden.” Has anyone else been working out in their garden? We’d love to see a pic shared on social using #BodyMagicMoments.


Marc (@ma_yates72) always looks so happy in his photos (thanks to #ThatFeeling you get at Slimming World!), and I especially love this one. He says: “After 10 days off due to an injury, I needed to get out. It felt so good to be riding again!” I know what you mean, Marc – if I’m cooped up for more than a day I need to stretch my legs, too.


The transformation Zillah (@slimzillah) shared is so inspiring. She says: “#BodyMagicMoments have always been part of my healthy lifestyle journey. Being active aids my mental health and my chronic pain and has helped me to tone up. The best bit is that it’s something I enjoy!” That’s the benefit of making Body Magic part of your daily routine – it helps to keep you positive and uplifted, and there are so many fun activities to try!


The last picture I want to share is a perfect Body Magic Moment! Iz (@slimmingiz) recently completed the Couch to 5K running programme, and doesn’t she look over the moon? That’s the best bit about Body Magic – it doesn’t matter how small you start, or what activity you do, making something a habit means you’re more likely to fall in love with it. And even more likely to get #ThatFeeling of joy and a real sense of achievement when you finish. Iz’s pic makes me want to dig out my shorts and start running!

Whichever way you’re choosing to get active, whether at home or out and about, Body Magic is a great way to boost your mood and help maintain your weight loss. Running, cycling, swimming, walking… anything that gets your blood pumping and your body moving can help you feel healthier and happier – and who doesn’t need a boost during these challenging times?

We’d love to see you sharing your fab #BodyMagicMoments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to inspire, encourage and support each other – and remember to check out our members’ site for more at-home virtual workouts!

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