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The London Marathon is less than a month away, and here at Slimming World we’re gearing up to cheer on our amazing team of runners.  

Not so long ago, they would never have imagined they’d have the confidence to run such a challenging race… 

That was before they discovered our Body Magic activity support programme, which helps members to get fitter at their own pace, doing the activities they love.  

These amazing members will be running in support of the Slimming World SMILES charity, to raise funds for our charity partners, Cancer Research UK, the Irish Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK – you’ll find the official fundraising page here.  

Here are some of the sensational slimmers who’ll be taking on the mighty Marathon on Sunday 21st April… 

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The Slimming World marathon team 

Aaron Walker, 27, lost 14st with Slimming World. He’s running to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Slimming World London Marathon team member Aaron Walker

“I wasn’t active at all before joining Slimming World and struggled to walk far without getting out of breath.  

Body Magic inspired me to set small activity goals, and this helped me build up my exercise and stamina.  

I began to enjoy going for walks and I steadily increased the distances. My walks gradually turned into runs and I’ve never looked back.” 

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Alison Derbyshire, 42, lost 5st 4½lbs with Slimming World. She’s running in memory of her grandma, who sadly died from Alzheimer’s. 

Slimming World London Marathon team member Alison Derbyshire

“Before joining Slimming World, I wasn’t active at all. I had no energy and got out of breath just walking upstairs.  

When I found out about Slimming World’s activity programme, I knew I wanted in. I now run, cycle, cross train, swim and play badminton. There’s no stopping me!”

Craig Falcus, 42, lost 5st with Slimming World. He’s raising money for Cancer Research UK in honour of his mum, who sadly died from cancer.

Slimming World London Marathon team member Craig Falcus

“When I heard about Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme, it was a revelation to me. 

I slowly built my activity levels up by exploring different machines at the gym first and then going for runs out and about – seeing my progress made it easier to keep going.” 

Hannah Day, 35, lost 7st 5½lbs with Slimming World. She’s excited to achieve her dream of running the London Marathon.

Slimming World London Marathon team member Hannah Day

“Before I joined Slimming World, I found it difficult to bend down or walk for more than a few minutes without feeling breathless. I used to avoid seeing people through fear of embarrassment. 

Hearing how other members in my Slimming World group had overcome similar challenges really helped me to feel like I wasn’t alone.  

I can now walk and run without getting out of breath quickly. I also enjoy swimming.” 

Lisa Doherty, 44, lost 4st with Slimming World. She’s running in tribute to her dad, who sadly died from cancer.

Slimming World Marathon team member Lisa Doherty

“I used to try lots of new hobbies, like swimming, cycling and BoxFit, but they all only lasted for about three weeks before I gave them up. I even bought an exercise bike, which turned into a clothes hanger. 

Since discovering Body Magic, Slimming World’s physical activity support programme, I have eased myself into exercise by following the activity videos on the Slimming World app and following the Couch to 5K programme. Now I love running and exercise no longer feels like a chore!”

Ian Heath, 51, lost 9st 8lbs with Slimming World. He’s running in support of a family member who’s being tested for the early stages of dementia. 

Slimming World London Marathon team member Ian Heath

“I joined Slimming World just over five years ago and never imagined being able to run marathons. Back then I found it difficult to walk and I did absolutely no exercise whatsoever.  

When I learnt about Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme, I saw it as an opportunity for me to enjoy exercise. I started small by going for regular walks and then began running in February 2022.  

When my group found out I’d taken up running they became my biggest cheerleaders, and they ask me every week what runs I’ve been on.” 

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John Durkin, 53, lost 10st 11lbs with Slimming World. He’s running in memory of his partner’s grandfather, who sadly died from Alzheimer’s. 

Slimming World London Marathon team member John Durkin

“I used to walk or cycle to work every day but as the weight piled on, it felt like a chore and not something I ever enjoyed.  

When I heard about Slimming World’s Body Magic activity programme, I knew I wanted to get involved and get back to looking forward to getting on my bike or going for a walk.  

I never imagined I’d be preparing to run the world-famous London Marathon!” 

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Get started with Slimming World 

Many of our members say that, when they first started on their weight loss journeys, doing exercise felt like an impossible task. With Slimming World support, though, they’ve built up their activity at their own pace – and they’re loving the brilliant Body Magic benefits their new lifestyles bring. If they can do it, you can, too!  

If you’re planning to start a new exercise programme, we recommend you check with your GP first – especially if you have an existing health condition, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma. If you’re pregnant, check the suitability of the exercise with your midwife. 

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