Get fit for life with Body Magic

Our unique physical activity programme

If you’d like to get more active as part of your weight loss journey, we’re here for you. Slimming World’s physical activity programme, Body Magic, is like no other – it’ll help you find a new active lifestyle you’ll love so much, you’ll never let it go!

Tailored to you – at your pace, for your lifestyle, for your fit, healthy future.

Body Magic isn’t just about tracking miles, steps, or throwing yourself into a workout (unless you want to!) – it’s so, so much more. It’s an activity programme that meets you exactly where you are right now. One that could help you to…

  • overcome any worries or barriers you might have around exercise
  • build up activity step-by-step, so that being more active becomes part of your daily routine
  • discover the types of activity you love with easy-to-follow activity videos, suitable for all fitness levels and abilities 
  • create new active habits that stick
  • reach your dream weight

Would you love a physical activity programme that’s… 

  • simple, enjoyable and easy to follow
  • able to fit around you and your lifestyle
  • totally tailorable – take it at your own pace, doing the activity you choose!
  • suitable for any fitness or mobility level – anyone can take part!

Check, check, check! Our Body Magic programme fits into every lifestyle, is achievable, rewarding and offers bags of variety. With lots of reassurance, encouragement and praise every step of the way from your Slimming World community, too!

We’ll support you from your own personal starting point 

If you’ve never been physically active before, please know you’re not alone. We’ll help you overcome any individual barriers that might be stopping you from taking that first step and, when the time is right for you, offer a gentle introduction to being more physically active.

And if you’re already active… we’ll help you take it up a gear and build your exercise sessions into a regular routine, adding different types of activity for even more lifelong fitness benefits!

You choose when to start. You choose where to start. You set the pace. And we’ll cheer you on every step of the way. 

After three months, Slimming World members felt more positive about physical activity than the general population, saying it made them feel more happy, healthy, confident and better about their body*.

*based on Sport England's definition

Body Magic is completely tailorable to your fitness and mobility level. It’s a programme for everybody! 

Based on habit-building psychology, our tailored-to-you physical activity programme celebrates five healthy habits for a fitter, active lifestyle:

  1. sitting still less

  2. everyday movement

  3. balance and flexibility

  4. moderate intensity cardio activity

  5. building strength

Together, they bring big benefits that really are magic for your lifelong health and fitness, once you reach your dream weight.

Discover our unique Body Magic toolkit

As part of your Slimming World membership, you’ll receive a host of exclusive Body Magic support, including:

  • the Slimming World app and exclusive members-only website  – home to our activity tracker, exercise guides, activity ideas, podcasts and more.
  • more than 60 fun, easy-to-follow, activity videos, available on-demand to fit into your lifestyle. Suitable for all abilities, fitness and mobility levels – from gentle getting-started sessions to 30-minute workouts.
  • if you’re new to activity…all the knowledge you need – to build your confidence to get started and keep going, plus strategies to make activity part of your daily routine.
  • activity and fitness awards to motivate and inspire you, wherever you are on your active journey – starting with our Magic Mover Award (to celebrate getting going) all the way to Platinum, when physical activity’s an intrinsic part of your life! 
  • our unique FIT log, to help you identify your own personal barriers, put strategies in place and monitor your progress.